Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Day at the Pool!

Last year at this time,  I was about to enter one of the hottest Summer's on record in North Carolina.  And I was 7 month's pregnant.   Yeah - it was not my favorite Summer.  But I was anticipating the arrival of our sweet boy.

I truly did not know how much this little guy would bless our life.  "They" all say that, don't they?

He is sweet, funny, calm, easy-going and just plain fun.   I'm glad I to call him mine.

Here we are enjoying the start of this Summer with his first trip to the neighborhood pool.   Remember what it was like to have a baby at the pool?!?!?  I quickly remembered yesterday the work involved in getting a wee one ready for a swim.  We lasted about an hour.    It's all fine, though - I'm just enjoying him.  This time around I am smart enough to know how fast it really goes. 

Happy 10 months,  Baby T.  You have been the light of our lives for 2011 for sure! 

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