Friday, May 29, 2009

No Curling Required

I posted over at Chic Critique today about Clinique's new High Impact Curling Mascara. I like it so much!

Okay, go now. Click HERE. Bye bye.
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Finally Friday, Weird news, busy weekend

We are knee deep in dance recital preparations here. Rehearsals and preparing for family to arrive tomorrow for the big shows. Yes - SHOWS - Saturday and Sunday both.

So, I will not be around much this weekend except to maybe post some pictures.

I read this today. I just have a hard time believing it could come to that. Permits to have bible studies in our homes? Really? One couple tells about their experience in California. Read more about it HERE.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice on the slugs yesterday! I am going to head out to get the poison stuff to kill them and I will never have to see them again!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slug Slayer

It's been rainy here in NC this Spring. I am loving the effect it's having on my garden in the way of plants growing and thriving.

Then I saw this...

and this...

and I got a little concerned.

Then a little frustrated. I spend a lot of time trying to make my garden beautiful. It's not easy and I don't naturally have a green thumb. So, I certainly do not need what is causing this destruction.

I didn't see bugs. What could it be?

Tell tale trails of slime and a nighttime glimpse of my patio revealed the evildoers right away.


Not just any slugs.

Big long disgusting nasty slugs. Seriously, ugly.

All over my garden at night - feasting on my apparently tasty flowers.

I read on a gardening blog to try beer. So, I've done this the last few nights. I set out a big bowl of beer and they seem to want to swim in it. As if there were nothing redeemable about them anyway, now I know they are just drunkards waiting to swim in a pool of beer.

The best part.
They drown in it and die.

The worst part.
I have about 10 dead slugs in beer each morning to dispose of.

YUCK!!!!! I dare not even show you a picture for fear you will never come back to my blog.

It's better than eating my flowers, though. So, until I figure out a better way - beer it is. Any ideas for a slug slayer?
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm not sure what has gotten into Hubby but he went out and bought another appliance for me this week. He bought me a dishwasher a few month's ago. This time it's a new fridge! I love it!!!

Sorry this is such a bad picture. I took it so fast.

Our old one was starting to make this loud humming noise which was weird, but mostly, I think he just wanted a new stainless one to match our new stainless dishwasher. Now we just need the stove/oven!

He also really enjoys going to Best Buy and finding a good open box deal. I think he has saved over $1200 between both appliances.

My husband is the ultimate salesman. Which means he can work a deal. Something I very happy for because he saves us a lot of money on most purchases.

Anyway, they look so pretty in my kitchen. Almost too grown up for my kitchen actually. I can't wait until we are able to get new countertops and cabinets. They are much bigger purchases and Hubby is no doubt going to find the best deal around.

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Watermelon - WW

They were obviously enjoying themselves!

"Make as big of a mess as you want!"
I think those were the words my husband uttered before they dug in.

Words you will most likely never hear from me.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Color Affair

My sweet new sister in law is a fabulous artist. She has a business in the Atlanta area that I wanted to share with you in case you are there. She does murals and business windows.

She just finished painting some buildings and snack carts at Zoo Atlanta! Actually, my brother and her built the carts AND painted them.

Check her out at A Color Affair.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served to protect our country. Every single one is a hero in my book.

I had to explain to my 8 year old why we celebrate Memorial Day. She asked about war and why we have them. Good question. I could explain some and others not so much. I am just thankful that there are soldiers out there that never question, they are just loyal and serve this country. What an amazing blessing. They are not forced. They just serve.

Our weekend has been fun. The pool, a neighborhood party and tonight hubby and I are headed HERE to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. He surprised me with reservations.

How about you? Any big plans?
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank you.

Hello out there.
I just want to thank you for reading. For subscribing. For commenting.
I've been a terrible blogger in terms of reading some of your incredible blogs. I'm sorry for that. It is my goal to do better. MUAH!

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My Fears Have Worn Me Out

Loving this line from the Switchfoot song, Redemption.

My fears have worn me out.

Don't you just get tired of letting fear hold you back? I don't think of myself necessarily as a fearful person. I take chances. I ride roller coasters. I had kids for crying out loud!

It's the fears that are really quiet.

The ones that speak to my subconscious.

The little sneaky ones that say, "Oh, who are you kidding? Wait until they see the real you. "

The ones that keep me from moving forward and I don't even really know why or that I've done so until I realize I missed out on something really cool.

The ones that cause disobedience to my awesome God.

I know what they are...insecurity, trust, being wrong, making a mistake.

How about you? Willing to share? ;)

No? Okay then just listen to this really cool song.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sock Bun - WFMW

My daughter has been in 5 dance recitals in her young life. Each year I struggle to put her fine hair into a bun.

So, take a look at her bun this year. I know it is kinda hard to see actually - sorry it's the best I have so far - this was just for pictures. It's sitting on top of her head, though. It has never ever sat on top of her head.

Did her hair suddenly get thick and long?

Nope. Her hair doesn't even hit her shoulders and is still pretty fine.

It's a sock bun and if you click HERE you can learn how to make one, too!!!

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Monday, May 18, 2009


I did it. I finished the Twilight book series.


Yesterday, ended up being so rainy and after church we just hibernated. In between laundry and eating and eventually putting kids to bed, I devoured (no pun intended) the 4th and final book of Stephanie Meyer's love story of Edward and Bella.


I have to say, I'm a little sad to be finished. I thought it was an amazing series of books. The author certainly has some imagination and definitely knows how to keep interest going. I was turning pages in those books so fast I had to go back and read certain chapters. I didn't think I that I would like the books actually. I'm not really one to be that into vampire tales and such. But the love story had me hooked immediately. I'm going to miss reading the thoughts and adventures of the sweet starstruck lovers for sure. Oh, and personally, I loved the ending. I would never spoil it for you here but it worked for me.


One final opinion on these books. They are not just for teenagers! As a matter of fact, I know many middle-schoolers are reading these books and I just don't think I could let mine (if I had one) do that. I don't know that it would give them a healthy image of love when they are already having a tough time trying to figure that out. An older high school teen, yes probably - with some discussion. Just my opinion. Please comment your thoughts on this.

Anyway, moving right along.

After I read a great book or see a really good movie, it sticks with me for awhile. I can't seem to get over it for a couple days. So, normally, I just have to take a break from reading another book or seeing a big movie for awhile until I feel I can let go of the one that has me worked up.

Some movies were: Life Is Beautiful, Like Water For Chocolate, Top Gun and Grease. Hey, no one said I was always deep. A good love story gets me every time. Titanic - that was a really good one. Probably one of my favorites.

Broadway shows like Phantom of the Opera.

Books like the Notebook and East of Eden stayed with me for days after I finished them.

How about you? What was a great movie or book that you just swooned over?

Oh, speaking of good movies. We watched Taken this weekend. Very action packed intense movie if you like that sort of thing. Good stuff. AND the season finale of 24 is on tonight. Seriously, I am not sure how much my heart can take!

Happy Monday everyone.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go with the Goers

I have a new favorite saying.

"Go with the Goers." (go-ers)

While talking with a friend last night she said her dad used to say this. We were talking about the changes coming in our church - big changes that seem a little overwhelming to many. I was commenting on how I really think that the church must keep changing in many ways. Of course, not in core theology but in the ways that it continues to reach people that feel lost or far from God.

I really believe that most organizations must embrace change in order to stay healthy.

Change is difficult, though. Just ask my 5 year old.

Personally, I like change.
I kinda thrive on it.
I like things to move fast. I move fast. While I enjoy the mundane in my life, I also find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is fresh and new! Full of God's mercy and grace. I know that he has something exciting just waiting for me each day if I am willing to trust in Him.

So, I go with the change more often than not. To my detriment, sometimes too quickly. I love change but thinking through things is not my greatest gift. Mostly though, I don't dwell in the way things were or the past too much. I don't find much comfort in the past. It seems like when I do that I often find pain, regret and disappointment.

Even sweet memories of my children can often cause me to wish they were still babies instead of enjoying the precious little people they are becoming.

The future - now that is bright.

So, how about you?

"Go with the Goers?"


" The only way I'm going is kicking and screaming."

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Win a Land's End Swimsuit!

Okay, can you even believe it is swimsuit season already?

It seems like I was just taking down Christmas decorations!

Are you ready?
Well, I'm not.
So, I need to find a suit that helps me look like I am! And Land's End has the stuff!

Chic Critique is having a giveaway! Win a FREE Land's End Swimsuit!

Okay, go to Chic Critique right now and read all about the different options. Find your favorite suit on Land's and then leave a comment on Chic Critique letting Jo-Lynne know which one you want! Okay, go now - hurry!

It looks like 5 Minutes for Mom is also having a Land's End Giveaway! Good luck!

Was that enough exclamation points or what?
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This is from last week's Mother's Day Brunch at Bubby's preschool. Seriously, who wants to leave preschool? They do the funnest things!!!

The teachers helped them with one of these question and answer sheets. You know, the ones that ask why you love your mommy, what's her favorite this or that, etc.?

This was his.

Isn't that sweet? It'll make a mama cry. Apparently, I am really good at writing little stuff. I am so excited that my 5 year old is aware of my mad writing skills. At least, someone is, right?

Also, I never make brownies.

I mean really - maybe twice a year.
Because if I do, then I eat them.
I. Can't. Stop.
So, I'm not sure where he got that I do.
When I asked he said, "Well, Jake's mommy makes them." Okay, then - I guess all mommies are like one when it comes to brownies when you are 5.

The other day, after the Kindergarten Orientation fiasco, we made brownies. Yes, we did.
This is proof that in his childhood, I made them at least once!

Smiles all around.

And I only ate one. With ice cream. And hot fudge.

Well, if your gonna eat one, you might as well make it worth it.

For More Wordless Wednesday shots go to 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neighborhood Blessings

This week, I've learned that the house you think you want is not always the house you will be blessed to live in.

We moved into our house 10 years ago. When we bought it, I will tell you that it was not my favorite house in the neighborhood. This section was all newly built homes and there were others that I loved more. They had more space, bigger kitchens and some were even better built. I initially discounted this house because of those reasons.

The others that I liked were out of our price range at the time, so I started to look elsewhere even though I LOVED this subdivision.

My husband came home one night after working and told me that he had just sold Saladmaster (our business) to a new customer who happened to be a builder. The builder had a couple houses for sale in this neighborhood that I loved. One of them happened to be the house that I discounted.

So, we took a second look. Since he was now a customer of ours, he decided that he would give us an even better deal on the house. My husband was sold before we even saw it again.

I decided that I could live with the kitchen and change it later. I also could not deny the fact that I loved the lot the house sits on.

It is a large wooded corner at the end of a dead end street and neighbored a private piece of property. Privacy is always a plus in a big neighborhood and something we were seeking. Apartment living will do that to you.

We bought the house, thinking to ourselves that we would move in 3-5 years. We even started the process of building a much larger new home about 5 years ago and then stopped when the lots sold out from under us in less than 12 hours. The newer lots that were released after that, doubled in price and knocked the house right out of our price range. A month or so later, we put an offer on another house shortly after we lost that one. The sellers accepted a higher offer from another buyer.

So, we took those as signs to stay put.

The funny thing is that if we had ended up buying either one of those houses and entered into this economy with that mortgage payment, we would most likely be struggling. Things would be tight, anyway. It almost seems like someone was watching after us and you know I believe there was.

We will have lived in this house for 10 years at the end of this month. It is starting to show it's age. A busy family of 4 and dogs can wear a house out. We've started to make plans to redo our kitchen and add a sunroom in the next couple years. I'm very excited about that.

There are kids everywhere in this 'hood. They literally run in my front door and out the back some days. I can walk into my yard at any given time and find neighbors hanging out there. Sometimes before I even have my bra on.

So much for privacy, eh?

I wouldn't trade them for the world, though.

They take care of my kids on a moment's notice. Their kids are there to constantly entertain mine. When someone is sick they bring meals, weed a garden, mow the lawn, take care of kids and chickens (yes, that's a story for another time).

So maybe, this house is not what I initially thought my dream house to be. Maybe it doesn't have the kitchen I think I want or the big front porch I have fantasies of.

Or maybe my dreams are different now. Being thankful for what you have does that to a dream.

What I've Learned is that the blessing is not really in my house (although it is a blessing in itself) but in the people that live around my house and I thank God for unanswered prayers.

For more lessons learned this week hop on over to Musings of a Housewife.

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So It Begins

Conversation with Bubby this morning about his future in Kindergarten.

Me: "I think you are going to do just fine in Kindergarten. Yesterday was just a trial run and it was too crowded. "

Bubby: "Yeah, I'll be fine if I make new friends. Do you think Ian and Ethan will be in my class?" (kids from preschool that are also assigned to our elementary school)

Me: "Maybe."

Bubby: "Oh, I saw Lily there, too. Maybe she will be in my class. You know mom, Lily, from my preschool?" He chuckles a little shyly. "She kind of ignores me."

And so it begins...
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, That Went Well (note sarcasm)

Today was Bubby's Kindergarten Orientation. It 's so nice how our school has this whole morning set up for the newest set of elementary kids to get acquainted with "big school."

First, you walk right into a big gymnasium filled with other parents and new Kindergartners. Then each child gets assigned a color so your child can be put in a group. Then the groups go off with a sweet teacher to do a craft, see the classrooms, the music and art rooms, the library and just get used to walking in line and such.

I really thought I was pretty much an old pro at this. My daughter did the same thing 3 1/2 years ago. We walked in, she got into her group and waved goodbye with a big smile as she headed off to find out just what this Kindergarten was all about. She came back excited with a beautiful craft. This is pretty much how she deals with anything in life.

Flash Forward to today.


  • Hates crafts.
  • Dislikes crowds.
  • Not so sure he ever wants to leave preschool.
  • Had an issue with some socks this morning. No, it was Not Me that dumped his entire drawer of socks out so he would just pick one pair that "felt" right.
  • It was raining really hard this morning and COLD.
So, the morning started off with the sock issue. We got that settled and then headed out to his orientation.

Me with a big hopeful smile: "Are you excited?"
Bubby: "Kinda nervous."
Me: "Oh, why? Mom will be right there?"
Bubby: " I don't know." Is this typical male behavior or what?
Me trying to convince both of us: "You are going to be just fine."

We had to park far away from the school and it was raining. He went to put on his jacket and the sleeve is wet for some reason. He is sad about this, won't wear it and wants me to carry him into the school. We are both soaking wet by the time we get in there. I can see by this point that this might not go well.

We get in the school gym which is packed. More than I even expected. He clings to me as I try to write out nametags and tears are welling up in his eyes. I asked him to pull it together and he did. Then his group is the first called to head out with the teacher - without me.

Well, he was not having any part of that. So, I said I would hold his hand until we got to the classroom and then I had to come back for the parent meeting part of the of the orientation.

He would not let me go. The teacher literally had to pull my 5 year old child from my arms as I walked away. Not. Good.

He seriously has never in his life done that.

So, off to the meeting I go with my mother's guilt riding right along.

Not 5 minutes later they bring him to me. Big puffy red eyes and sniffling. Poor guy.
"We tried," was the teacher's response. I think she was a bit frustrated with him.

I really should have known not to leave him like that. He is pretty strong willed and the mom's intuition in me told me that I would most likely be seeing him very shortly after I left.

I made him sit with me through the rest of the meeting and when we left, I asked him why he got so upset. He said it was because he did not know anybody and he wanted to go back to preschool. Then later he was telling me all the people he saw from his preschool and church that he knew. Um-kay. Not sure what to make of that.

So, here we are and not off to a good feeling about going to Kindergarten.

I am hoping the Teacher Meet and Greet in July goes better.
Maybe we will pick out his socks the night before.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope your day is restful, joyful and wonderful!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay, Carolina Hurricanes!

I've always liked hockey. I really don't enjoy watching many sports but hockey seems to be fast paced enough that it keeps my attention. I grew up going to St. Louis Blues games and then when I moved to Dallas the Dallas Stars started up there. It was shortly after we moved to North Carolina that the Hurricanes moved to Raleigh. These warmer states take awhile to warm up to hockey, but boy, can I tell you this area has more than accepted and embraced this team. They are superstars here! We're pulling for you guys! Go Canes!!!

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally Friday

Ahhhhh, it's Finally Friday. I love the end to a busy week. Looking back on the week it is a wonder I didn't forget a kid somewhere. Or a dog. Mostly just my mind!

No big plans for the weekend here. I plan to hopefully spend some time with my mom tomorrow maybe for lunch and scouring the flea market. Church on Sunday and some time in our yard. Sounds like heaven to me!

So, how about you? How are you spending your Mother's Day weekend?

I also want to know...

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Go ahead and grab the button above and link up if you want. Let me know in the comments if you do so.

My favorite thing is when I see my kids do something GOOD that I have taught them. I love it when they make a good decision and it reflects back to a talk we had or a lesson learned. It is incredibly rewarding. Oh, and their cheeks, ears, toes, eyes, hands, chubby arms, the cute things they say, the way they smell after a bath, snuggling with them...

Oh, who am I kidding - it's all good. Well, mostly all good. Being a mom really does rock.

Okay, your turn. Favorite thing.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom's Night Out!

National Mom's Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Have fun connecting with other moms tonight! Or get together with some girlfriends for a fun night out. It's National Mom's Out! I never even knew there was such a thing.

I actually got together with my girlfriends THREE times last week! Two mom's nights out and one mom's lunch. I really did enjoy some girl time, so this week I can't find an excuse to head out with them again.

So, for my mom's night out, I will be with my favorite people in the world at a Carolina Mudcats game with my family tonight if we don't get rained out. My daughter won tickets in a Read-A-Thon! Yay, B!
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Wordless Wednesday - Flowers of Spring

Probably my favorite time in my garden is the Spring. I love the new growth of everything and how healthy it looks before the hot North Carolina sun has time to fry it all.

I've planted a lot of blue and yellow flowers and the show has been pretty spectacular this year. I am guessing all the rain is the reason. Not my great gardening skills. I plant. I water if needed. Fertilize some. Mulch and weed. So, mostly it's luck that these flowers grow or rather a sweet blessing from God. Okay, I'll take it!

For more Wordless Wednesday go to 5 Minutes for Mom
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