Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sock Bun - WFMW

My daughter has been in 5 dance recitals in her young life. Each year I struggle to put her fine hair into a bun.

So, take a look at her bun this year. I know it is kinda hard to see actually - sorry it's the best I have so far - this was just for pictures. It's sitting on top of her head, though. It has never ever sat on top of her head.

Did her hair suddenly get thick and long?

Nope. Her hair doesn't even hit her shoulders and is still pretty fine.

It's a sock bun and if you click HERE you can learn how to make one, too!!!

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Stefani said...

Thanks for the tip Janel! I will have to try this on S's hair. I still haven't completely decided how to do her hair for her recital.

btw...I can't believe how big B is! She's beautiful! (just like her mommy!)

Manic Mother said...

What a pretty daughter, and dress!

jen@odbt said...

My daughter saw your post and asked who is that pretty princess. I like the sock bun link -- might have to just try it.

abgardinier said...

Very impressive! I have never seen or heard of that. We have the same thin, fine hair issue. For our recital we have to wear a high, curly ponytail. I can get it into a ponytail, but can't figure out how to get it curly and to stay curly.

Terra said...

as you pry know my oldest dances too! I have these snappy bun things that I love! They help a lot - no pins required! Durring show time they do 6 shows in 3 days and the hair has to be perfect, sprayed etc - it is so hard on her hair 2 months before the Ballets (Nutcracker and Peter Pan) I don't let her get her hair cut...then the day after the show we go get it all cut andcleaned up. Ballet is tough!!!!

Terra said...

PS - Your daughter looks BEAUTIFUL!

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