Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogging Break

Hello out there!
I've been kind of...well...absent from my blog lately.
It's a little intentional actually.
And a little not.

What I'm about to do is very intentional, though and something I need.  I've been blogging for almost 3 years now. Wow - can't believe that!

I just need a little sabbatical.  It may be the death of my blog and while I hope not, I'm also okay with that.  I just need to re-focus a bit and take a little media break.  I've been spending too much time at my computer and not just with blogging. 

Anyway, I'm hoping some time away will help me with the re-focusing part. Or it just might take having this baby - who knows?   Only time will tell.

I read last night that sometimes the only way to tell the difference in God's voice or your own desire is to just follow the prompting you feel.    After you do it, you may be able to see if it was God leading you or not.  After time, it's easier to know ahead of time.   I felt prompted to take this break.  We will just have to see how it goes. 

Blessings to each and every one of you.   Have an amazing Easter holiday.  See you soon.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bird Watching

My homeschool mom friend turned me on to this live webcam of an Owl and her babies - so cute! Click on this link here -  Live Owl Box Cam. Homeschool moms have all the best ideas!

I promise this is not all I have been doing today. I've been cleaning - getting sickness out of the house.  I am thinking Hubby actually did end up having a virus.  He finally got out of bed late last evening and actually went to work today.    Yay!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Win Danskos!

Win a pair of Danskos over at Musings of a Housewife!    I really am thinking about purchasing a pair of these even if I don't win.  My feet are already killing and we are only in week 20 of this pregnancy. 

But I don't want to keep all the good giveaways to myself so hop on over there.   

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Total Wash

Thank goodness the weather is good glorious.

Otherwise, yesterday and this morning might have been a total wash.    A wash as in the laundry kind of wash. 

Quite literally, laundry had taken over the upstairs floor of my house. It was in both the washer and dryer, all 4 laundry baskets for clean clothes, the 4 for dirty, some hanging to dry. The kids were running out of clothes to wear but to be honest most of them were clean, just not in their drawers and closets.

Also, my sweet friends have passed along bags of maternity clothes.  In my attempt to find something to wear on my growing belly and well, growing everywhere else, I had maternity clothes all over my bedroom.  What a mess.  It got to the point where I could not find anything. 

I was absolutely determined that I would not blog one word until it was all cleaned and in it's proper place. As I type, the only clothing in the baskets are the ones the kids wore last night and that is only because I just don't have another full load yet.

All maternity clothing has been sorted.  What I can wear now is washed and hanging in my closet.  Things I can wear later sit folded in the bags in an unused corner of my room.  All normal sized clothing that I obviously cannot wear for another year is hung up high with out of season wear.

The other thing I had to do was clean out the kids closets and drawers to make way for new spring/summer clothing.  They had outgrown so much - that's what kids do - and I just needed to take the time to go through it.   Ah.  Clean, organized drawers. 

I have to say that it feels good to have it all done.  But I'm tired of being inside.  The weather has been great motivation to hurry through that chore.   So, now I'm headed outside to do some gardening!

In other news today,  Hubby has what we think is a  pretty bad case a pretty serious case of food poisoning.    Y'all it came on SO strong and SO fast.  He was fine up until about 1 am and then he just started to get so sick.   He said he has never prayed so hard for his stomach to stop hurting.    He's not been able to keep anything down today.  It could also be the flu but that fast?  Poor guy whatever it is.   He is in the bed with shades drawn.  No sunshine for him today. 

So it's all laundry and sickly hubby around this household.  Like I said - good thing it's beautiful outside!   The kids are on the Slip 'N Slide with the neighbors so they are in heaven!   I absolutely love that kids just want to get into a swimsuit and head to the nearest water at the first sign of warmth in the air.   I could not be caught dead in a bathing suit right now.   The pastiness and the belly - just the thought is enough to scare me straight into capris. 

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Would Never Do That

This week, I was witness to one of the most ridiculous attacks of judgment against a good friend of mine.    In particular, her mothering skills were under fire and from a woman who has no children of her own.  I can tell you that she did not deserve the attack.

It's not that I don't think that one who does not have children can't have opinions about how to raise children.  Certainly there are those who have a real heart for kids but for one reason or another don't have them.   I do, however, think they should be careful about dispensing advice to those that do.    As a matter of fact, even if you do have your own kids, I think it's a good idea to be prudent in dispensing unwanted advice.  At least, not until you've walked a mile in that parent's shoes.   Because raising kids, while full of much joy, is no picnic.  Unless you are on a picnic and that is just plain fun. 

Anyway, it reminded me of a favorite saying, 

I thought I knew how to raise children, too. 
Then I had some of my own.

Because really, isn't it true?  Did you say you'd never do something when you had kids but then after you had them,  you did?

Like, I'd never bribe my kids to get them to do what I wanted.  I would never let my child throw a tantrum in a store.  I'd never feed my kids ice cream for breakfast (we were on vacation, y'all).  I'd never spank them.  I'd never yell at them.  I would always patiently and kindly guide them instead.   I would always make sure their hair was combed before school.   I'd never ever miss any extra-curricular activity they participate in.  I'd never feed them junk food.   I'd  never let them watch too much TV.  

Good golly the list could go on.

I'd love to know that one thing you said you'd never do with your kids that you have done, or do now.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!!!  My maiden name is all Irish from my paternal Grandfather.  How about you?  Where does your Irish come from?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I planted this Camellia plant two years ago.   This is the first year it's bloomed and it is soooo beautiful.  I love that the blooms last so long and come twice a year when nothing else is blooming.    Sometimes gardening is just about having patience. 

Think about planting this carefree bush in your own yard.   They come in red and pink also.   Just an added note on this plant. It is a shrub and can get HUGE!  Plant is somewhere that has room to grow and gets only part-sun.

I'd love to hear any other advice on these beauties!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Just One Hour, Grass-Fed Beef and Yardwork

I thought I would not mention the loss of a precious hour from the weekend. I thought since I was getting more daylight - blessed wonderful daylight - that I would just fly on by the loss of 60 minutes of sleep. However, I cannot. I miss it. My kids miss it. We'd like it back, please.

We got our quarter of grass-fed beef this weekend. Okay, so I did not really think the difference would be so noticeable. I thought that I was doing it for the health of my family and I definitely am, not to mention helping a local farmer. But I just have to say that it is G.O.O.D good. Hubby grilled burgers on Saturday night and y'all, they did not shrink. At all. Not one single bit. They were tasty and big and just the right juicy. They filled us up and and I didn't feel sick after I ate it. Sometimes I do feel icky after I eat beef.

Then Saturday he grilled steaks. I was a bit worried because they say grilling grass-fed beef when you are used to grilling grain-fed is tricky. But Hubby is a professional. He did the necessary research, marinated and seasoned them, cooked them quickly and just the right temp. We all gave them a thumbs up. I've also heard this is where you might taste a difference and we did not.  Again - just good eatin'. 

We are eating chicken tonight. I feel it necessary to take a break and not eat beef every night, although I could. With a freezer full of the stuff, I can see myself making a lot of dishes with beef. There is 26 pounds of ground beef in there! And stew meat! Hubby was a little perplexed at my excitement over that cut. I hate paying what the grocery store wants for a cut up roast and I hate even more cutting up a roast for soups and stews. Oh oh oh - I also got some beef bones to make beef stock with - soooo excited for that.

The only thing I have to say I was not excited for is the 3 packages of beef liver that were in there. Yuck. I can only think back to my grandmother making me eat hers smothered in onions. I used a lot of napkins during those meals and her dog didn't leave my side. But Hubby loves it and since he paid for the stuff, I guess I will have to make it for him some time.

I am really amazed at how much meat came from just a quarter of a cow and overall I would say the price for it was very fair. 

What else? 
Oh, the spring clean up in the yard has officially begun.  Except that this year I don't have nearly the energy I normally have.   That makes me a little sad.  I LOVE the spring and working in my yard.  Yesterday when I had to take 30 million breaks I got a little frustrated.     Oh well, it will be what it will be, I guess.  I am just loving the bulbs coming up!  I highly anticipate a beautiful garden this year!

Anyway, Happy Spring!  Have a fabulous day!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

If I Were President

When B was in second grade she was elected Class President.  It was quite an experience for her.  Some not so good as some classmates still resent her for winning and also having the power to make up some class rules.    But the election process was fun and I have to say she enjoyed the "power".

This year, in third grade, the teacher had them do a little exercise and I just had to share. 
So, cute -  I love kids.

If I Were President
By B - 3rd Grade

If I were president, I would change the world for children, adults and animals.

For children, I would make school go from 10:00 to 3:00 and you would have a 3 hour recess with 5 different playgrounds to choose from. You would have 2 free vacation days any time of the year and no tardy countings. Every day everyone has 2 hours of reading and you have a TV in your desk. Also buses would be limos and everyone is in at least one sport.

For adults, if you want a job you would get one, taxes would be low and houses would be free along with cars and insurance.

For animals, I would make it illegal to have pounds and if there were any stray animals they would be brought to a shelter.

Hey maybe I should run for president.

Maybe you should B, maybe you should. 

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

White Belt Achieved!

Since I can't seem to put two sentences together to form an interesting post lately, I thought I'd just post some pictures of  Bubby getting his white belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He loves it so much and was so proud to receive his first belt.  Yay Bubby - we're proud, too!  Onward to yellow belt!

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Monday, March 8, 2010


It was my first big purchase. Newly married, we needed a place to sit. We went to a local big box furniture store. I bought it with a real estate commission check - one of my first.

I felt grown up. Married and with a career, purchasing my own couch.

Striped white and beige, it made our apartment look clean and new - just like our marriage. We'd snuggle on it at night to watch tv - trying to break it in just like the old one I had before.

That couch never did soften up. It was as hard the day we sold it in a garage sale 5 years later as it was the day we bought it. The man buying at at my garage sale tried to negotiate with me, "$75?"

$80, not a penny less.

This was written in response to Adventures in Babywearing - a writing exercise/carnival about couches. That was fun.  It's also been pretty cool to read others memories of favorite couch.

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Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm having one of those mornings.

The one where I-wonder-how-on-earth-I'm-going-to-handle-3-kids-because-I-can't-even-handle-the-two-I-have" kind of morning!

I even bemoaned this to my friend who has 4 kids. Of course moms with 4 are always so understanding and sweet. Understanding, sweet and probably reminiscing at how easy it was with only 2.  Thank you for not laughing at me.  :)

It's not any fault of my children.   They are awesome - both up on time and in great moods.  Dressed and at the table ready for a breakfast that I have not prepared yet.

It's me - tired, lazy mom that I am.   I woke up late and you know how a morning goes when that happens.

As a matter of fact, my daughter came in to greet me this morning with the most sing-songy voice to alert me to the fact that my alarm went off 15 minutes ago. ugh.  She proceeded to tell me how her own alarm actually went off 30 minutes before mine and she just sat up in bed watching the sun rise while reading a great book and then declared, "What an amazing day this is going to be!"

With my pillow over my head and a loud groan that the sun is shining right in my eyes, I wonder...

Where did this child come from?   How can mother and daughter be so opposite when it comes to mornings? 

Now that I've had my coffee, though -  I have to admit - the day is looking quite amazing. 

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's a...

We are having another sweet little boy!   We had a second level ultrasound yesterday and got to see him in all his glory.  He kept opening and closing his little hand at us like he was waving.   It was amazing! 

Anyway, that's my news this week!  I don't have much to top that. 

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Duke Basketball Game

Whenever I tell someone (mostly men) where I live, I am often asked the question of which college team I show my allegiance to.     Well, none really.   Since we are not from originally from North Carolina and did not go to school here, we're just not partial to one team, yet.   We kinda like them all just because we live here.

Sometimes we get tickets to various games and last week was one of those times.    A good friend of Hubby's gave him 4 tickets to a Duke basketball game - at the famous Cameron Stadium

I'm not a huge sports fan but for some reason, I get basketball for the most part.  And it's pretty fast paced so I don't get bored.   Still, a sporting event would not always be my first choice for a family outing.   Although, I'm beginning to understand that I probably should just get on board with them because my kids like sports.

Anyway, I have to admit that going to this Duke game was one of the most entertaining and fun sporting events I've ever been to.   Almost solely because of the student body!  They REALLY get into these games, ya'll.  And the stadium only seats about 8,000 people so it's always full.  It's almost like going to a high school game but it's obviously not - it's Duke Basketball.

So, the student body otherwise known as Cameron Crazies does all of these cheers - together. I think I read somewhere there are 1200 seats reserved for them court-side.  This just makes the game so much fun.  They apparently invented the "airball chant"  - my son's personal favorite.    Oh, and when the opposing team's players were introduced, they all yelled, "Hello, Tom!" (or whatever the player's name was)  My kids were dying laughing from that.    You can't tell from the picture below but it is them doing their infamous jump when the opposing team has the ball.    Bubby also loved that and jumped with them in the aisle where we were seated.  The people around us got a kick out of him. 

My daughter always loves posing for a pic with her daddy. 

My son, not so much. 

Unless of course, it's with the mascot!!!! How cool is that????!??

He gave me specific instructions not to show this to his teacher - a diehard  NC State fan.    He thinks she would be mad at him for going to the Duke game.  In this part of the country, she just might.   :)

It was such a fun family night.  Oh, and my kids have decided that they want to go to college at Duke just to attend the basketball games.   Um yeah, I'm thinking scholarships.

Thanks D for the tickets!  

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