Monday, March 8, 2010


It was my first big purchase. Newly married, we needed a place to sit. We went to a local big box furniture store. I bought it with a real estate commission check - one of my first.

I felt grown up. Married and with a career, purchasing my own couch.

Striped white and beige, it made our apartment look clean and new - just like our marriage. We'd snuggle on it at night to watch tv - trying to break it in just like the old one I had before.

That couch never did soften up. It was as hard the day we sold it in a garage sale 5 years later as it was the day we bought it. The man buying at at my garage sale tried to negotiate with me, "$75?"

$80, not a penny less.

This was written in response to Adventures in Babywearing - a writing exercise/carnival about couches. That was fun.  It's also been pretty cool to read others memories of favorite couch.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Such a pretty couch! But so sad it never got comfy for you!


Miss. Clippy said...

It does look so clean! But I was never a fan of white things. I always, always manage to get it dirty right away :( Enjoyed reading your post!


Kristin said...

Oh, I remember how grown up I felt when we bought our first furniture after we got married! I'd polish it up every single time someone was coming over. Can you imagine that sofa years later with kids??

Anita said...

I remember my first couch too. I was single, and it was a return from a customer, back when JCP sold furniture, I was a manager and I got it for a great deal. It was mostly beige too.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Wow, it never softened up? It looks soft, and clean.. holy cow!

Stephanie said...

Well-written. And so succinctly!

P.S. White is a dangerous color for least in our house. ;)

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