Saturday, September 3, 2011


I love the last words to this song, 

"What can I say, What can I do?  But offer this heart, oh God, completely to you..."

Oh, wait.  You mean even that little dark part that is angry?   Oh, and that part that I've been holding back in fear?  Okay, hold the phone! That part that needs to forgive someone?!?!?


Well, that is a lot harder than just singing words to a song! 

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Friday, September 2, 2011

What I Learned THIS week!

When I was blogging a lot, I use to participate in a little bloggy carnival at Musings of a Housewife called What I Learned This Week. I loved reflecting on the past week's life lessons and reading about others. Sometimes about faith, others about raising kids and some just simple silly missteps along the way.

While taking a morning walk today, I reflected on what a frustrating week I had and thought maybe I could salvage it by chalking it up to growth!    So, here's my very own version of  What I Learned this Week! 

Humility is everything. A lesson that bites me often when I am least expecting it. It's really simple. I seldom, if ever, am without fault in a disagreement or situation. Even when all signs point to me being right, if I look hard enough I can usually find a reason how the other person might have felt hurt. I find that by saying, "Did I do something to hurt you?" and a sincere apology tear down many walls and lead to pretty quick reconciliation. The feeling of restoration in a relationship is a much better feeling than being right.   I just don't always know that until after it's been restored. :)

If humility is everything, communication has got to be a close second. Reply to that email, return that phone call, tell someone something even if you thought you already did, if you don't hear a response - try them again. Lack of response can communicate that you do not seem to care.   Do your part to communicate.  

Try to know a person's heart.  Intention, while should not be used as an excuse, goes a long way. I think that if you know a person's heart, ie: what is important to them, where they are hurting and what is going on in their life then it's easier to not take how they may be acting at the moment so personally.

Wait until next week. If you are feeling like making a big decision that could significantly change your future - Stop, pray, wait and get some advice. Making life changing decisions while hyped up on emotions is never a good idea.

Why are the lessons that seem so easy always the ones that I seem to keep learning the hard way?

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