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2010 Blog Recap

This thing still on?
Yes, I'm actually blogging. My keyboard keys are a little rusty even but here I go.

While I don't see myself blogging on a daily basis anymore,  I did want to recap my 2010. I like to reflect on the year past as a way to grow from it.   I also think the blog recap at Musings of a Housewife is fun and I have the day off goes.

The first post of each month of 2010 and the first line of that post.   It is also linked up if you want to click over on that post. 

January -One Word
–verb (used with object)
1. to yield (something) to the possession or power of another

Oh, this is where I pick my word of the year.  It was truly a year of surrendering.  Over and over.  And it was not easy.  I hate to be a downer but sometimes yielding to where God is leading you is just hard.  It took (and continues) more faith than I knew I even had.   I'll be doing this again soon with my word for 2011.

February - Complaining -What I Learned This Week
I wrote a bit bout complaining this past Sunday.

Still struggle with this.  Maybe my personality lends itself to always struggle with this.  This post really follows another post that is linked up there.   This was good to reflect on for sure. 

March - Duke Basketball Game

Whenever I tell someone (mostly men) where I live, I am often asked the question of which college team I show my allegiance to.

Oh this was fun!  Someone gave us tickets to a Duke Basketball game.  Great photos here! 

Oh and because I just can't resist - on March 3 we learned that our baby was going to be a BOY!

April - Oh Glorious Day!  
Just a video of a Casting Crowns song that I love.  Worth listening to.  :)

May - Freedom
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.    - Romans 8:1

Just a Sunday Word post.   But a cornerstone of my faith for sure.

June - Same Always
I have to say that there has just been so much change in my life lately, I don't even know how to begin blogging about it.

It seems that this time of the year was really the beginning of me not blogging on a regular basis.  This is a pretty good explanation of why and this was before the Baby T was even born.   My life is very different now.  No longer a full-time stay at home mom.  Mom to 3.   The change has been both so awesome (baby and job) and at times so challenging.   Good thing one thing never changes.

July - Happy July 4th!
Normally, we are at the beach over the 4th.

Oh, here are some fun pictures.  Boy it was hot this summer.  And this is just one more reminder that I did not get to go to the beach with my family this year.  :(

August -Welcome Sweet Baby Boy!
What more can I say?  Our Baby T was born on July 30.  Here are the first pictures of him.  He's changed our life in amazing and beautiful ways.  What a gift.

September - Life in Full Swing.  How do you Manage?
Life is in full swing here..

Full swing is just an understatement.  Still looking for ideas on how to efficiently manage my life.   I'm starting to get a hold on it but I have to say that I've been busier than I've ever been in my life.  Full of awesome activities, friends and family - but WHEW!

October - Thankful for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

It's good to look back on this last year and see many of my posts were focused on scripture.  It's hard to look back on this last year and know that I was clinging on to them for dear life some days.  God is so faithful, y'all.

November - Mercy
Another Casting Crowns song.   And the only post of November.
It's a great album, by the way.  Probably my anthem album for 2010 - Until the Whole World Hears.

December - 2010 Recap.
This is it.  The only post in December.  Wow.

I am looking forward to posting some new photos and updating my friends and family with the blog this year.  I do like to archive my life this way since I don't scrapbook anymore.  Eventually, I'd like to take my favorite posts and even make them into a book for my family to enjoy one day.  I expect my writing will be few and far between.  Life is just too busy.  I've got a couple drafts I'd like to finish up and publish.   We'll see.

I hope you have an awesome New Year's Eve and had a very Merry Christmas!
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