Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Should Keep Me Organized, Right?

Fall has given me a little boost of creativity around my house.   This weekend alone could have provided fodder for at least 3 blog posts!  But alas, I do not have time to post about the caramel apples I made with my kids or the Halloween decorating we did.  Although, I did let them have a little more freedom outside this year.  My bushes are covered in that fake cobweb and big black spiders!     It's cute - Mums and pumpkins just will not do for this crowd anymore! 

I did do one very necessary project that I thought I'd share.   I have been forgetting A TON of really important things lately.   Older age, too busy, distracted by other things in life - not sure.  So, I needed something that I could record these things and see them right when I leave the house! 

 Look! A New Chalkboard!!!

Taped around the outside of where I wanted to paint.  For this, I used an old frame that I removed the glass and picture from.  I just held it on the wall and drew around the inside of the frame.   Then I painted chalkboard paint right on the wall.

Removed tape - a little paint did seep through but that's okay because I'm adding the frame. 

Hung the frame.   This allows me to remove the frame and clean the chalkboard right on the wall!

And there is a little ledge for my chalk built right in!

I also added hooks for my keys and the dog's leash. LOVE!!!

I liked the way it turned out and it was so easy!!!  I can't imagine that I will every forget anything again!

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