Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Just One Hour, Grass-Fed Beef and Yardwork

I thought I would not mention the loss of a precious hour from the weekend. I thought since I was getting more daylight - blessed wonderful daylight - that I would just fly on by the loss of 60 minutes of sleep. However, I cannot. I miss it. My kids miss it. We'd like it back, please.

We got our quarter of grass-fed beef this weekend. Okay, so I did not really think the difference would be so noticeable. I thought that I was doing it for the health of my family and I definitely am, not to mention helping a local farmer. But I just have to say that it is G.O.O.D good. Hubby grilled burgers on Saturday night and y'all, they did not shrink. At all. Not one single bit. They were tasty and big and just the right juicy. They filled us up and and I didn't feel sick after I ate it. Sometimes I do feel icky after I eat beef.

Then Saturday he grilled steaks. I was a bit worried because they say grilling grass-fed beef when you are used to grilling grain-fed is tricky. But Hubby is a professional. He did the necessary research, marinated and seasoned them, cooked them quickly and just the right temp. We all gave them a thumbs up. I've also heard this is where you might taste a difference and we did not.  Again - just good eatin'. 

We are eating chicken tonight. I feel it necessary to take a break and not eat beef every night, although I could. With a freezer full of the stuff, I can see myself making a lot of dishes with beef. There is 26 pounds of ground beef in there! And stew meat! Hubby was a little perplexed at my excitement over that cut. I hate paying what the grocery store wants for a cut up roast and I hate even more cutting up a roast for soups and stews. Oh oh oh - I also got some beef bones to make beef stock with - soooo excited for that.

The only thing I have to say I was not excited for is the 3 packages of beef liver that were in there. Yuck. I can only think back to my grandmother making me eat hers smothered in onions. I used a lot of napkins during those meals and her dog didn't leave my side. But Hubby loves it and since he paid for the stuff, I guess I will have to make it for him some time.

I am really amazed at how much meat came from just a quarter of a cow and overall I would say the price for it was very fair. 

What else? 
Oh, the spring clean up in the yard has officially begun.  Except that this year I don't have nearly the energy I normally have.   That makes me a little sad.  I LOVE the spring and working in my yard.  Yesterday when I had to take 30 million breaks I got a little frustrated.     Oh well, it will be what it will be, I guess.  I am just loving the bulbs coming up!  I highly anticipate a beautiful garden this year!

Anyway, Happy Spring!  Have a fabulous day!

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Stefani said...

I agree on all of the beef comments! I am also loving the grass fed meat! We had to take a break yesterday, because with all the beef sitting in the freezer, I too want to cook it every night! Tonight is feeling like a salad night for me though. :)

I have to admit, that the time change gets harder on me every year. Just when I think it's no big deal, I'm really missing that hour of sleep! :)

jen@odbt said...

I'm going to have to find a place around here that supplies grass-fed beef. You make it sound so good except for the liver part :)

Musings of a Housewife said...

Liver is SO GOOD for you! You can grind just a bit up and add it to ground meat dishes. Try it! (I haven't yet; my cow didn't come with it. It did, however, come with heart, and I'm working up the nerve to defrost it and do something with it.)

Tania said...

Love grass fed beef. It tastes so much better than the conventional. Now that I have started using that I may have to check into buying the way you did. Many more options than at the store. Enjoy!

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