Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I planted this Camellia plant two years ago.   This is the first year it's bloomed and it is soooo beautiful.  I love that the blooms last so long and come twice a year when nothing else is blooming.    Sometimes gardening is just about having patience. 

Think about planting this carefree bush in your own yard.   They come in red and pink also.   Just an added note on this plant. It is a shrub and can get HUGE!  Plant is somewhere that has room to grow and gets only part-sun.

I'd love to hear any other advice on these beauties!

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Anita said...

So LOVELY! I need to research how it would grow in my sandy FL soil.
Great idea.

GladMom24 said...

I love camillas. We have (had) a large pink one here and my wonderful hubby decided to move it last fall :(
it is just a stub now but there is some new growth starting to come out
sigh--maybe flowers next year.

Kristin said...

please come over nad tell me what lovely things i should plant!!!

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