Friday, March 12, 2010

If I Were President

When B was in second grade she was elected Class President.  It was quite an experience for her.  Some not so good as some classmates still resent her for winning and also having the power to make up some class rules.    But the election process was fun and I have to say she enjoyed the "power".

This year, in third grade, the teacher had them do a little exercise and I just had to share. 
So, cute -  I love kids.

If I Were President
By B - 3rd Grade

If I were president, I would change the world for children, adults and animals.

For children, I would make school go from 10:00 to 3:00 and you would have a 3 hour recess with 5 different playgrounds to choose from. You would have 2 free vacation days any time of the year and no tardy countings. Every day everyone has 2 hours of reading and you have a TV in your desk. Also buses would be limos and everyone is in at least one sport.

For adults, if you want a job you would get one, taxes would be low and houses would be free along with cars and insurance.

For animals, I would make it illegal to have pounds and if there were any stray animals they would be brought to a shelter.

Hey maybe I should run for president.

Maybe you should B, maybe you should. 

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Mel said...

I do this with my 3rd graders too and absolutely love to hear their responses. We are writing this week matter of fact to go in our published books. Your daughter just may be president one day!!

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