Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Total Wash

Thank goodness the weather is good glorious.

Otherwise, yesterday and this morning might have been a total wash.    A wash as in the laundry kind of wash. 

Quite literally, laundry had taken over the upstairs floor of my house. It was in both the washer and dryer, all 4 laundry baskets for clean clothes, the 4 for dirty, some hanging to dry. The kids were running out of clothes to wear but to be honest most of them were clean, just not in their drawers and closets.

Also, my sweet friends have passed along bags of maternity clothes.  In my attempt to find something to wear on my growing belly and well, growing everywhere else, I had maternity clothes all over my bedroom.  What a mess.  It got to the point where I could not find anything. 

I was absolutely determined that I would not blog one word until it was all cleaned and in it's proper place. As I type, the only clothing in the baskets are the ones the kids wore last night and that is only because I just don't have another full load yet.

All maternity clothing has been sorted.  What I can wear now is washed and hanging in my closet.  Things I can wear later sit folded in the bags in an unused corner of my room.  All normal sized clothing that I obviously cannot wear for another year is hung up high with out of season wear.

The other thing I had to do was clean out the kids closets and drawers to make way for new spring/summer clothing.  They had outgrown so much - that's what kids do - and I just needed to take the time to go through it.   Ah.  Clean, organized drawers. 

I have to say that it feels good to have it all done.  But I'm tired of being inside.  The weather has been great motivation to hurry through that chore.   So, now I'm headed outside to do some gardening!

In other news today,  Hubby has what we think is a  pretty bad case a pretty serious case of food poisoning.    Y'all it came on SO strong and SO fast.  He was fine up until about 1 am and then he just started to get so sick.   He said he has never prayed so hard for his stomach to stop hurting.    He's not been able to keep anything down today.  It could also be the flu but that fast?  Poor guy whatever it is.   He is in the bed with shades drawn.  No sunshine for him today. 

So it's all laundry and sickly hubby around this household.  Like I said - good thing it's beautiful outside!   The kids are on the Slip 'N Slide with the neighbors so they are in heaven!   I absolutely love that kids just want to get into a swimsuit and head to the nearest water at the first sign of warmth in the air.   I could not be caught dead in a bathing suit right now.   The pastiness and the belly - just the thought is enough to scare me straight into capris. 

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Anita said...

Clean laundry is good.
Sick hubby is not good,hope he is on the mend.
I second the cheers for spring!!!

Sandy said...

What a lot to get done! I hope your hubby is better really soon! And I can't believe your kiddies were out in water today! It was warm & the sun felt great, but the breeze was still cool... but kids don't notice things like that!

The Chubby Dove said...

Hope your hubby is feeling better.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend now that your laundry's caught up!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope all is well! And it is major laundry day for me today!


Stefani said...

You are an inspiration! I looked at my girls' closets today and thought about going through them to get out all the spring and summer clothes, but a nap on the couch sounded much better! :)

I hope your hubby feels better soon! Now I have to go move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Thanks for the reminder! I would have been re-washing that load in the morning!

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