Monday, May 18, 2009


I did it. I finished the Twilight book series.


Yesterday, ended up being so rainy and after church we just hibernated. In between laundry and eating and eventually putting kids to bed, I devoured (no pun intended) the 4th and final book of Stephanie Meyer's love story of Edward and Bella.


I have to say, I'm a little sad to be finished. I thought it was an amazing series of books. The author certainly has some imagination and definitely knows how to keep interest going. I was turning pages in those books so fast I had to go back and read certain chapters. I didn't think I that I would like the books actually. I'm not really one to be that into vampire tales and such. But the love story had me hooked immediately. I'm going to miss reading the thoughts and adventures of the sweet starstruck lovers for sure. Oh, and personally, I loved the ending. I would never spoil it for you here but it worked for me.


One final opinion on these books. They are not just for teenagers! As a matter of fact, I know many middle-schoolers are reading these books and I just don't think I could let mine (if I had one) do that. I don't know that it would give them a healthy image of love when they are already having a tough time trying to figure that out. An older high school teen, yes probably - with some discussion. Just my opinion. Please comment your thoughts on this.

Anyway, moving right along.

After I read a great book or see a really good movie, it sticks with me for awhile. I can't seem to get over it for a couple days. So, normally, I just have to take a break from reading another book or seeing a big movie for awhile until I feel I can let go of the one that has me worked up.

Some movies were: Life Is Beautiful, Like Water For Chocolate, Top Gun and Grease. Hey, no one said I was always deep. A good love story gets me every time. Titanic - that was a really good one. Probably one of my favorites.

Broadway shows like Phantom of the Opera.

Books like the Notebook and East of Eden stayed with me for days after I finished them.

How about you? What was a great movie or book that you just swooned over?

Oh, speaking of good movies. We watched Taken this weekend. Very action packed intense movie if you like that sort of thing. Good stuff. AND the season finale of 24 is on tonight. Seriously, I am not sure how much my heart can take!

Happy Monday everyone.

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Deb Browning said...

Two of my favorite romantic movies: Somersby (Richard Gere is the lead so it has to be good!) and The Painted Veil. Both of these stayed with me for days.

Jean said...

I just finished reading The Host. It's way more than aliens body snatching people there's love there too. Stephenie has a great imagination for this stuff and makes you really open your mind to human and alien perspectives.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh speaking of Richard Gere...

Pretty Woman
An Officer and a Gentleman

Terra said...

I could watch the dead poets society every single day and never tire of it.

girlymama said...

didn't you love it? i was SO rolling my eyes when my sister told me to read it... and she was right! i loved it!
i loved harry potter books(surprise), billy elliot and moulin rouge.

Ali said...

I tried to get my mom to read Twilight and she only made it through the first 20 pages or so before she declared that it wasn't for her. She picked it up again a few weeks ago and is already on the last book! AND she's going to give them to HER mother! I hated to see it end too:)

jen@odbt said...

I still haven't jumped on the Twilight afraid to with summer around the corner. Maybe it'll be a good read for the beach. Have to say I haven't been to the movies in a long time but whenever School of Rock comes on, we watch it. Silly but fun.

Anita said...

Books I needed time to let sink in.........A Thousand Splendid Suns, and My Sister's Keeper. For very different reasons.
Silly but I could see, You've got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle over and over again..........I like romantic comedy type movies. Oh and When Harry Met Sally.........I love the cut ins with older couples, the Oriental couple......" she was from the next wilage", Oh my stars i love that!

Kristin said...

Les Miserables is one of the greatest books ever written (in my opinion!) That stayed with me a long time. I also read The Friday Night Knitting Club a few months ago, and it took a few days to get over that!

Jadekitty said...

I just finished the first book, and I found it to be very similar to the movie, but after reading the teaser for New Moon, I can't wait to read the rest.

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