Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go with the Goers

I have a new favorite saying.

"Go with the Goers." (go-ers)

While talking with a friend last night she said her dad used to say this. We were talking about the changes coming in our church - big changes that seem a little overwhelming to many. I was commenting on how I really think that the church must keep changing in many ways. Of course, not in core theology but in the ways that it continues to reach people that feel lost or far from God.

I really believe that most organizations must embrace change in order to stay healthy.

Change is difficult, though. Just ask my 5 year old.

Personally, I like change.
I kinda thrive on it.
I like things to move fast. I move fast. While I enjoy the mundane in my life, I also find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is fresh and new! Full of God's mercy and grace. I know that he has something exciting just waiting for me each day if I am willing to trust in Him.

So, I go with the change more often than not. To my detriment, sometimes too quickly. I love change but thinking through things is not my greatest gift. Mostly though, I don't dwell in the way things were or the past too much. I don't find much comfort in the past. It seems like when I do that I often find pain, regret and disappointment.

Even sweet memories of my children can often cause me to wish they were still babies instead of enjoying the precious little people they are becoming.

The future - now that is bright.

So, how about you?

"Go with the Goers?"


" The only way I'm going is kicking and screaming."

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Stefani said...

I'm with you on the "Go with the goers" thing. I'm excited about change. I was blessed with a fairly short attention span and if things don't change often enough, I get bored. Even worse, I just start to go through the motions.
I am super excited to see what God has in store at church! Thanks for the reminder that change is good! We all need that sometimes. (especially with the last Mops meeting being next week)

Kristin said...

One of my favorite verses! I think you've got the right attitude! :)

Terra said...

I too thrive on movement and change...the faster life hits me the faster I get it done!

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