Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Fears Have Worn Me Out

Loving this line from the Switchfoot song, Redemption.

My fears have worn me out.

Don't you just get tired of letting fear hold you back? I don't think of myself necessarily as a fearful person. I take chances. I ride roller coasters. I had kids for crying out loud!

It's the fears that are really quiet.

The ones that speak to my subconscious.

The little sneaky ones that say, "Oh, who are you kidding? Wait until they see the real you. "

The ones that keep me from moving forward and I don't even really know why or that I've done so until I realize I missed out on something really cool.

The ones that cause disobedience to my awesome God.

I know what they are...insecurity, trust, being wrong, making a mistake.

How about you? Willing to share? ;)

No? Okay then just listen to this really cool song.

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Terra said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear. Loud and clear. Do I care to share? Not here, but I have been drafting a post about one of my big ones...I might post it soon, someday -never - who knows.

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