Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay, Carolina Hurricanes!

I've always liked hockey. I really don't enjoy watching many sports but hockey seems to be fast paced enough that it keeps my attention. I grew up going to St. Louis Blues games and then when I moved to Dallas the Dallas Stars started up there. It was shortly after we moved to North Carolina that the Hurricanes moved to Raleigh. These warmer states take awhile to warm up to hockey, but boy, can I tell you this area has more than accepted and embraced this team. They are superstars here! We're pulling for you guys! Go Canes!!!

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Anita said...

Hey Janel! I grew up in the St. Louis area too!! I was never much of a hockey fan, but I've been a few Blue's games myself.

Have a wonderful day!

Terra said...

I love LIVE hockey - TV Hockey - not so much.

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