Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So It Begins

Conversation with Bubby this morning about his future in Kindergarten.

Me: "I think you are going to do just fine in Kindergarten. Yesterday was just a trial run and it was too crowded. "

Bubby: "Yeah, I'll be fine if I make new friends. Do you think Ian and Ethan will be in my class?" (kids from preschool that are also assigned to our elementary school)

Me: "Maybe."

Bubby: "Oh, I saw Lily there, too. Maybe she will be in my class. You know mom, Lily, from my preschool?" He chuckles a little shyly. "She kind of ignores me."

And so it begins...
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jen@odbt said...

That is so cute. There is this really good book about going off to school - The Kissing Hand. It might be a good read for you and Bubby before school starts.

Anita said...

He sounds so adorable. I like that he is thinking about friends he already knows. Maybe you can help him remember how he made new friends at his pre-school, and how well that has worked out.
I know he's going to be fine.

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