Friday, August 31, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I didn't have my first child until I was 30. At times I am grateful for that and others when I am tired I wish I would have started younger.

2. My hubby and I dated for 5 years before we were married.

3. My great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.

4. My grandfather was Irish.

5. This combination makes for a hot little temper.

6. I speak publicly about anger issues. Especially as a mom.

7. I used to be really terrified to speak publicly. Now I am just a little terrified.

8. I used to be a table side chef in a gourmet restaurant.

9. I love Jesus!

10. I didn't always know him.

11. Some good friends introduced us.

12. My life has not been the same since.

13. I have incredible friends.

14. My husband is my best friend.

15. My husband is crazy. A crazy, funny, quirky man.

16. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Psychology at a private university and most would never know that about him.

17. He graduated early from high school and spent a year in South Africa. Again, many would never guess. Smarty Pants.

18. He is a superb golfer and works very hard.

19. I have 2 awesome kids that are also crazy, funny and quirky. They get that from him.

20. I sold real estate in Dallas for several years.

21. Other than real estate, I was in the hotel and restaurant business for most of my career.

22. I was born in England on an Air Force Base

23. I was raised in Missouri.

24. I don't watch much TV anymore.

25. But when I do, I love The Closer, 24, CSI, and HGTV

26. I am involved in several ministry positions at my church which always just amazes me. That they would let me lead anything, is a miracle in itself.

27. I absolutely love it, though.

28. I have only been out of the country to Mexico and Jamaica. I don't even have a passport. I would like to fix this.
29. I have been to 33 out of the 50 states, though. I love to travel the USA.
30. I want to go on some kind of mission trip very soon.
31. I have no issues with flying. At All.
32. Oh, except some little plane in Jamaica. That kinda freaked me out.
33. I love to eat.
34. I like to cook.
35. I love to try new restaurants.
36. I had my first child completely by natural childbirth. It was hard, but very rewarding.
37. The second one went a little differently as I had to be induced. Pitocin is evil and if I ever have another baby, they will have to have to hold me down to put that stuff in me again.
38. So, I had the epidural. It went much better after that.
39. I breastfed both of my kids until they were a year old.
40. I cried when they weaned.
41. I love my dog, Buddy. He sleeps on my pillow every night and sits in my lap most of the time.
42. He weighs 6 pounds and is a Maltese.
43. My 20 year high school reunion was this past August.
44. I had a great time seeing old friends.
45. I love shoes. I often buy a pair and build an outfit around them.
46. I have 2 brothers and so does my hubby. Not a sister between us.
47. I change my hairstyle a lot.
48. It has been long for a couple years, but has been about 4 or 5 different shades of brown or highlighted brown.
49. I enjoy bible study. I really love to dig deep into the bible and get to know God. I think it is the most interesting book on the planet.
50. I recently joined a book club and have had lots of fun reading some great fiction books. I have read more in the last year than I had in the 5 or 10 before that!
51. I keep a journal for each of my kids where I write to them. I hope they find it fun to have one day.
52. I scrapbook sometimes.
53. I wish I had more time to do that.
54. I love coffee. I drink about 4 cups each morning and everyone in my house knows they really should not ask me anything important until after I've had my first cup.
55. I am not a big eater in the morning, but feel so much better when I do have a nice healthy breakfast.
56. I love to workout. Especially kickboxing classes. See #5.
57. I don't have the time to workout that I would like, so you really can't tell by looking at me that I love to workout. But I do.
58. I am somewhat scatterbrained. I forget to shut the doors on my van sometimes and crazy things like that.
59. My mom, brother and niece live about 5 mintues from me. They moved from Missouri a couple years ago. Most of the time it is really great.
60. I have another brother in Georgia that just got married. She is a great gal.

61. I love to spend time with just my little family of four.
62. My husband and I have the best thing in common: we are not big planners.
63. My husband and I have the worst thing in common: we are not big planners.
64. We are great to go on vacation with...if you are not a big planner.
65. We want to redo our kitchen and are trying very hard to plan this out over the next couple years. It is pretty much a necessity when you talk about knocking down walls and such.

66. I have lived in only 3 states in my whole life: Missouri, Texas and now North Carolina. I never want to leave North Carolina. I love it here.

67. I think the South is an incredible place to live. I find the people here warm and gracious.

68. I love to garden. I am not a fantastic gardener, but am learning each year.

69. I have to remind myself of my grocery budget in the Spring as not to spend it on flowers to plant in my yard.

70. I have found that the less money I spend on a plant the better it grows. Weird but true. I have to find what works in my yard and stick with it.

71. I love Christmas, but find the hustle and bustle very stressful.

Okay, so it's in the works. I will update as I remember what things are actually interesting about me!

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