Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Absent Tooth Fairy?

****originally posted August 13 2007**** with some revisions. She has now lost about 7 or 8 teeth actually and they are replaced by big kid teeth. Weird stage for kids, isn't it? She has not lost one another one in about 5 months, though.

Well, this is an old picture of when she lost her first tooth.

Now B has lost 5 teeth including both front ones - a small fortune for the "tooth fairy."

I seem to remember getting a quarter for a tooth or maybe 50 cents for a front tooth. The going rate in our neck of the woods is now anywhere between $2.00-$4.00.

Hubby thinks she is purposely pulling them out now to get money. What's a little blood for some cold hard cash?

She is saving for a new American Girl doll. Nikki, the girl of the year. So, there is a deadline because she is only available until December. So, a tooth comes out and in the morning the tooth is gone, crisp dollar bills are left behind and she is like a little bank teller counting her most recent transaction with the tooth fairy.

So, the other night she loses a tooth, puts it under her pillow and goes to sleep with dreams of being that much closer to Nikki by getting some more money. Only to wake up and see that the tooth fairy did not come. What?!?!?

Okay, now don't judge me! It could happen to even the best of "tooth fairies!"

So, over breakfast we are trying to figure out all the reasons why the tooth fairy forgot to come.

She had a lot of teeth to collect and just ran out of time, she got lost, she was sick or maybe she couldn't find the tooth under the pillow. These are all the reasons I can come up with.

Then B is pensive for a minute and says to me, "Or maybe, the tooth fairy is really your parents and they just forgot!"

I ask with my most shocked face, "Do you really think that?"

She thinks a second or two longer, looks at me with the face of a salesman who is trying to convince you to buy something you don't need and says, "No mom, I really believe in the tooth fairy, don't worry."

Well, yeah, because she is smart enough to know that if she doesn't then this constant flow of money for teeth might stop!

So, we decide to try again that night. Surely that fairy won't forget again.

Only guess what?
Okay, now you can judge me.


Kristin said...

I LOVE this post, because between my two girls, I have forgotten about 6 times! :-(
Once I forgot twice in a row, too. One other time, I told her that the Tooth Fairy probably leaves double the amount for double the wait. Just make sure you've got your wallet stocked before you tell B that one!

Sheri said...

As the author of a picture book about a very big-attitude tooth fairy with high-tech gadgets, one of the questions I get from school kids when I do school visits is: "Is the tooth fairy real?"

One little girl went so far as to say, "Is the tooth fairy real? Please, please tell me pretty please with a cherry on top!"

Calling her up to stand with me in front of 300 kids ranging from Kindergarten to fourth grade, I looked at her and said, "Yes, the tooth fairy is real. But like all fairies, she simply disappears when YOU stop believing in her."

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I could never tell a kid otherwise -- because I still believe in the tooth fairy myself! ;-)

I also told the kids that the tooth fairy ONLY deals in quarters, because she's got to make her life simple -- and that if the kids found something else under their pillows, it's because of their parents. "Some parents," I said, "just can't help getting involved." HAAA!

I've had a lot of parents thank me for helping to keep down their tooth budgets. ;-)


Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt
Author, You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
12,000 copies sold!

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