Thursday, April 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My House

My house is where laughter lives;

where lovers tears have dropped;

where life, in passing by one day,

looked in and smiled and stopped.

--Lanier Ward Pratt

I was reading a magazine article sometime ago about what makes a home.

What makes you feel at home?

My good friend says it is her bed. That while she loves going away to the beach, she longs for her own bed! Isn't that the truth - we love our beds!

Like a good song, I could not think of my favorite thing, so I made a list...

Here is what makes me feel at home.

My bed!

My family together - loud, laughing

A great meal together

Working in the yard

Pulling my car in the garage

The sound of my dog barking when he finally sees I am home (he's deaf)

The smell of my kids rooms (yes, that is crazy isn't it?)

The smell of my husband's pillow as I make our bed

My shoes all neatly lined up in my closet

The kids shoes thrown all over the house. They are never neatly lined up anywhere!

Clean laundry - because it feels so good when it is all clean and put away!

Dirty laundry - because of it, I know my family is living life, getting dirty and depending on me

The smell of a meal being prepared - (especially by someone else)

The sounds of my children yelling Mom! or Dad! when we walk in the door

Putting groceries away

A clean organized house because I feel productive

A messy house because I know it is alive with the activity of my family

Having friends or family over to eat

The smell of a new candle burning

The smell of chicken soup cooking

Fresh coffee brewing

Familiar flowers coming back each year

My computer

The sound of the washer

Neighbor kids running in and out of my house

Okay - your turn. Add on to the list in the comments!

**some of this post was originally posted 8/28/07***


We are THAT Family said...

The comfort of my own bed.

Toystory said...

The sounds of the birds in the trees outside every morning (esp. the woodpeckers - boy are they loud) - the fox, raccoons, deer and other animals that share our piece of this earth.

Mom 2 To Boys said...

Hi there,

I read this while I was browsing during the Bloggy Carnival. Great post! I shared it on my blog also.


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