Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Blog?

Well, I am not really sure why blog? I seem drawn to it for some reason. I have a need to record some musings of my mind, the activities of my family and share it with you if you choose.

I recently listened to CD a friend gave me. Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz - a favorite book of mine, was the speaker. His topic - Let Story Guide You. I won't spoil this for you too much because he is releasing a book in January. What I got from his talk was this - that our lives are stories and we are the authors. So, maybe blogging is to help write a "story" that is interesting and one that people want to "read" after I am gone. Because really good stories are timeless and they live on long after the authors are gone.

Or maybe it's just a place to be a proud mama and share pictures of my kids! We are a busy family with a lot to share.

Beware, I will talk about my sweet 2 kids much, my wrestlings with God & faith and my crazy but beautiful family. I really believe that through encouragement and love we can best communicate with others. I hope you find that here.

By the way, Donald Millers books and website are listed here. I met him at a convention last year and he is truly a man with a kind heart and a great sense of humor. Both of which cause him to write great stories!

So, I am going to give this a shot. I have lots to add and do on here - this is only my first post! I really am such a novice at this.

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