Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Dandelion Dayz?

I labored over a name for this blog.   It was after my kids brought me a handful of dandelions that the name was born.

Dandelions grow in my yard sometimes and if I don't get to them in time those annoying puffy seeds blow all over and seed more dandelions. My kids have fun making wishes and blowing the puff ball all around.  They pick them when they are bright and yellow and proudly give them to me. We put them in a paper cup and admire them for a day until they die.

These are the days that my children see dandelions as flowers. They bring them in the house to me with love. They blow the puff balls around while making silly wishes.

My blog title is in honor of this time I have with them now.
It is a reminder to see the flowers of life instead of the weeds. 
To find treasures in the day-to-day. 


~Billie~ said...

Love the title! We gather the dandelions each summer (flower only), dip in egg, coat with flour, and fry in a little oil or butter (adding any spices we want). The kids really enjoy the idea of 'eating a weed'. =)

Dandelion Seeds said...

Amen... I always wonder when I will receive the last dandelion bouquet from my children...

dddiva said...

Okay, I came for the bloggy carnival and your name hooked me. I LOVE dandelions, still, and always will, even though my kids have graduated to more traditional bouquets. To me they are little balls of sunshine in an endless green sea (why someone wants that I'll never know). They are so happy and cheerful looking and resiliant and no matter how they are fought and tortured and removed, they come back stronger.
I only hope I can say that whatever life throws at me I can come back better than ever.
And what? hundreds of wishes on each little head- hello, I am not going to give up any chance for wishing.
Lest we not forget- how fun to hold it under someones chin to see if they like butter or say mama had a baby and the head popped off and fling it at your sister. ;-)

angel said...

dandelions, they remind me of this song:

ilovesf said...

I remember the Banana Split. We once rented costumns of them for a church event and I came as one of them. I forget which one.

Love ya

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