Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Batman in waiting

So, this is my little guy in his Batman cape and mask waiting for his friend across the street. He is waiting on the grassy area as close to the street as possible without actually going in the street. Even though we live on a very quiet dead end, he knows to stay out of the street. This is because of my good parenting skills - rule one: do not let your kids play in the street! :) So, he just has to push that as far as he can.
Anyway, I have to say that I never thought having a boy would be so much fun. He is in constant motion and constantly in some superhero costume as he is here. It is hysterical! I think mostly because he is so serious about it. He really runs around shooting webs like Spiderman and doing "karate" moves all over the house. He is now into trying to scare little girls and thinks it is funny. I don't really like that he does this, but what a typical boy thing to do! It is hard for me to believe he is turning from my baby to a little boy. So, yeah - what a fun guy he is - I love him like crazy.

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