Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clark Kent

Okay, so I pick L. up from preschool today to have his assistant teacher tell me that we cannot have him acting like a superhero in the classroom. Yeah right, try telling a 3 year old boy who is IN LOVE with superheros that he cannot be one in the classroom. Apparently, the boys act too rough. So, I had to explain to him how supers are really regular people, ie: Clark Kent, Peter Parker, the Incredibles, and that they cannot be superheros when they are just going to school or work. But when they get outside they save lives and fight bad guys and totally be superheros! He was very into this idea and I hope it works at school. Somedays, I get this boy thing!

Preschool is going better. He has only had one time out in the last 3 weeks which is good. And I feel like his behavior is actually improving at home because of the structure he receives there. He loves going and loves his teacher. He is actually making me art! He never sits still enough to do art projects and it is great to have something his little hands make. He gets very excited to show me his projects, I guess because I get so excited when he brings me them.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of your kids.
Congrats to Luke on his graduation. I went to my grandson's grad last year and know how you feel.
Bennet's expression says it all. Her dance looks lovely.
I so enjoy keeping up with your lives by reading your blog every day.

Janel said...

Hey there Les! I am so glad to see you on here! I enjoy receiving your updates and emails.!

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