Friday, October 19, 2007

Track Out

So, these are my tensions with year round school. I so love having the time in October to be with B. It was nice to have her home and spend time alone with her while L was in preschool. It is awesome to have the break from homework, packing lunches, rushing to the bus stop and the general busyness that comes from school.

But here is my issue - nothing else stops. The entire rest of the world runs on a traditional school calendar. Sports, activities, church, work - life! So, while your youngin' is having this little vacation, you are still running here and there. And you still have parent teacher conferences, PTA meetings, etc. etc. and figure out how to entertain her.
So, I guess that will take some getting used to.

For me it is hard to have the gearing up time again and again. I mean, in the Summer you take off 3 months and at the end of that time you are so ready and geared up to start school. For 3 weeks you don't even have time to gear down before you have to gear right back up for school to start up. That is also hard.

But the beauty of track out is that you can actually take a vacation in the off season and that is a good thing - financially and crowds. Less crowds, save money - it might make it all worth it!
So, we are thinking Disney in January. I am not sure if I would have ever even considered a trip to Disney in January, but now we can.

Okay, good to vent that.

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