Monday, November 5, 2007

My coffee stained world

I love coffee. I guess based on the number of Starbucks within 5 miles of my house a lot of other people do to. I wish I would have listened to my husband when 15 years ago, he said we should get in on that Starbucks thing. Anyway, so I love coffee. I drink about 3-4 cups a morning. If I hang out at home doing laundry and housework it can creep up to 5 cups. To justify this a little, most cups get somewhat chilly because I get interrupted, set the cup down somewhere and when I finally find it again, I have to freshen it up. So, maybe I drink less than I think or at least that is what I told my doctor. Often I have a cup in the afternoon before the bus comes just to get me through that homework, activities and dinner hour.

I just got a new van. Such a beautiful vehicle with an olive interior. Well, I mean as beautiful as a van can be! I traded in my other van which was 7 years old and the carpets were severely stained with coffee. I mean really stained. I spilled coffee more times than I can even remember. I had that van with both kids as infants and honestly, most days coffee was the only way I would be considered a safe driver due to lack of sleep. So, I vowed never to take an open cup of coffee in this new van. Now you may tell me that there are plenty of really cool coffee cups with lids that I could buy and I would respond by saying that I already have them. Hubby takes them and leaves them at the office or I am just too rushed in the morning to pour my cup into the to-go cup before I leave the house. So, here is my new van and it has coffee stains already! As a matter of fact, last week one morning while driving L to preschool, I turned a corner and the entire cup spilled all over the middle console and onto my cell phone which took 2 days to dry out and the only thing I had to clean it up at that very moment was my white hoodie sweatshirt I was wearing to the gym (over my t-shirt, of course). This was the beginning of my day. I think after an event like this it is always a good idea to drop your kids off and find a quiet place to pray and beg for God's mercy for that day because you know it is going to be a doozy! Anyway, because I still care how pretty my new van looks, I have an appointment to have the carpets cleaned...until the next crazy morning when I forget to bring a to-go cup! Or I could stop drinking coffee altogether like my doctor wants me to. Such a silly doctor, maybe I should find a new one. ;) In all honesty, I have started to slow down a bit.

Since starting this post, I have noticed coffee stains on my bible cover, my denim jacket sleeve, a blanket I often curl up in and the chair I sit in at the computer. My coffee stained world!

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