Monday, November 12, 2007

Waffles, please

Every morning, I ask my lovies what they would like for breakfast. Our family is pretty much the same in that none of us eat a lot early in the morning. HASH eats a yogurt or a protein smoothie almost every morning. I drink coffee and then have also been on this protein smoothie kick. My doctor told me it would help me lose weight. Okay, so I bite - it's easy, tasty and anything to help me lose those extra 10 pounds. B has quite a bit of variety in her choices. A cut up apple with peanut butter, yogurt with granola and berries, cinnamon toast and sometimes a waffle or pancakes if I make them. So, my concern this morning is not with her.

So, every morning, I ask L what he would like for breakfast and his answer is the same.

Every single morning.

"Waffles and juice."

Every morning.

Even if I make pancakes, he wants a frozen waffle.

Sometimes he wants them plain.

Sometimes with syrup.

Sometimes with butter and syrup.

Every morning.

A frozen waffle.

He really is a just a guy - simple choices. Keep it easy. No fuss.

In my effort to make this more healthy I have switched to real maple syrup instead of the regular pancake/waffle syrup. Thank goodness for Trader Joe's waffles. They are whole wheat, cheap and yummy! So, I stock up and feed him a waffle every morning. He is 3 and I am just happy he eats breakfast.

This morning the only difference is that he has now thrown up his waffles and juice all over my kitchen floor. Happy Monday. Oh, I pray the stomach virus has not hit my home. I hate the stomach virus.

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