Monday, December 10, 2007

5 Things

I know that the 3 readers of my blog are probably wondering just where I have been! Wow, is it a crazy time right now. Among normal life, the Christmas season sneaks up on me and while I try to just enjoy the beauty of this season of our Lord's birth, I get caught up in the busyness of plays, parties and decorating. My house is decorated, though! Woo Hoo! My husband hates this task and it is important to me, so I do the outside decorations. It's fine, I like them how I like them and it's just better for me to put them up. I did let go this year and let him pick out the tree AND put the lights on it. This is a big deal- I am kinda nuts about the lights. He did a great job! My cards are ordered and on the way here. I have teacher gifts purchased! Now all that is left is baking and the rest of the shopping - not much!!!!!

I recently completed a Christmas getting to know you email and thought this would be fun to do with you!

Here are 5 things about me and Christmas. If you are reading, leave a comment and let me know yours!

1. I always buy too much for Christmas. My husband gives me a budget and I usually go over it. This year I am trying really hard to NOT go over it. So, far so good. Of course, my shopping is not even nearly finished.

2. I don't normally bake throughout the year, but love to bake our favorite cookies and fudge during the holiday. My favorite are these wedding cookie nutty balls. They are loaded with pecans and covered in powdered sugar. My husband likes them without the nuts. Not so much a nutty ball as much as dough covered in powdered sugar! My kids love the molasses cookies I make and sugar cookies of course.

3. I love to wrap presents with big beautiful bows and fancy wrapping paper. This is not always possible, but I do try.

4. I hate eggnog, but love the Eggnog Latte at Starbucks. Go figure.

5. I love to give gifts and I love to receive them. One of my love languages is Gifts. My husband thinks I am picky so he just gives me gift cards to my favorite stores and I LOVE THIS.

Okay, tag - your turn!

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Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, I make those "wedding cookies" (though my recipe is called danish holiday cookies), too and they are to die for!! I'm not a big sweets person, but I could eat those nonstop. And tell Keith I'm not big on the nuts either. My recipe calls for 1 cup chopped pecans, I only use 1/3 cup.

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