Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kidney for Kelli

I was over reading BooMama's blog and this was on there today.

I want to post a link to this story because it really touched my heart. Kidney transplants are truly medical miracles to me.

Last year a good friend of ours, husband and father of 3, gave one of his kidneys to a man in our church that he hardly knew. The surgery was a success and one of the most incredible examples of selflessness I have ever witnessed.

I have 2 friends that are kidney transplant recipients. They are living full lives right now and I pray that Kelli receives this gift soon.


Anonymous said...

Medical advances like this are really a gift from the Lord, aren't they? Our good friend Steve recently reaped the benefits of medical technology after a serious injury that could have left him disabled.

I wanted to let you know I tagged you for a meme if you would like to play. The post on my blog is called "Six Unimportant Things".

Keep up the great blogging, I really enjoy reading here.

BLMOM said...

Oh, fun! I am going to work on this later today! Thanks for thinking of me!

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