Thursday, January 17, 2008

Linked Up!

The Bible Isn't Enough - Leading Smart
Very thought provoking post!

Wherein My Comfort Zone gets completely blown to Smithereens -
Rocks In My Dryer
I sponsor a Compassion Child and was thrilled to read this! You should read this!

I'll Take away your chewing privileges, Mister
This Ain't New York
This is funny! My good friend also just had a beaver in her back yard. Not so funny when it's in your back yard!

To Be Known is To Be Loved - Renee Swope
This is just good stuff here.

Thinking of writing a book?
Check this out from Lysa TerKeurst


Lysa TerKeurst said...

Thanks for the link friend! Are thinking of your article???

Happy Writing-

BLMOM said...

Okay, you just made my day! I was actually believing the little lie in my head that I really don't have anything "good enough" to send in. I just asked God this morning to help me in making a decision whether to submit something. So, I will take an email from your sweet self to be a sign from Him to at least give it a try! How can I say I don't have anything good enough when the posts that I write are always after time spent with God. That is like saying his inspiration is not good enough and I would NEVER actually say that. So, I guess I have to just STOP believing those lies, huh?

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