Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new mommy, please

My daughter is tracked out right now. For those of you that have no idea what that means, please allow me to give you a little glimpse into my world right now.

We attend year round school. It became mandatory in our county last year because of the tremendous amount of growth here and overcrowding in our schools. We like our school so we are giving it a shot and mostly we love it.

Kids are "tracked in" for 9 weeks and then they "track out" for 3 weeks. Tack this onto our Christmas holiday and it is almost 5 weeks at home. When you have children used to being in school, this can be challenging to keep them busy when they are tracked out.

We had Christmas which is exciting. We went to Disney which was super exciting. And then we came home and had to get back to life. That is the thing. School is out but everything else is in full swing.

So, my 7 year old gets bored. She can't have enough play dates and when those end she is left to play with her annoying 3 year old brother. She really does try to play with him and does a pretty good job. She expressed to me that she is quickly becoming frustrated with him, though and is praying that God would help her control her frustrations with him.

However, I guess she just started praying for that because the frustration has led to fighting which has led to time outs in their rooms.

On the way to his room yesterday, my 3 year old son informed us all very loudly that he was mad at his sister and wants a brother instead.

Today, as I sent him to his room for pulling her hair, he informed me that he would like a new mommy because I am mean.

So, I asked him what color hair this mommy should have.

He responded, "White hair." Which is what he says for blond. I have dark hair.

What color eyes, I asked him? "Blue." I have hazel.

Big or skinny? "Skinny" and "she should be a nice mommy!"
So, by the way the conversation is going, I would have to guess that my 3 year old does not think I am skinny. We have already established that I am mean.

Okay, then I will go to the Mommy catalog and see if we can get you a new one.

I thought is was humorous to say the least, but was relieved when he calmed down and told me that "I want to keep you when you are a nice mommy."

Thanks, guy. Sorry, but you are actually stuck with me and sometimes, I just have to be what you consider mean. It's not fair, but it is my job.

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