Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wish List Meme

This was fun. I was invited on one of my favorite blogs to play along in this meme, so here goes.
I promised a stimulating conversation on water and wells in Africa, but that will have to wait a bit because this was fun and I have a sick little one at home today keeping me busy!

I am supposed to post 2 wish lists. One for stuff I really want and one for more spiritual stuff.

Five of each and then tag five other blogs by leaving them a comment and then invite you to play along.

So here goes...and believe me - these are big WISHES because I don't see any of this coming my way anytime soon. Which is fine. I really have all I need, but a girl can wish, can't she?

1. I REALLY want to renovate our kitchen and add a sun room to our kitchen so we have more space to entertain. We have a huge backyard, a tiny kitchen and eating area and we are always entertaining. I would love to knock out some walls, add a beautiful sun room, a brand new kitchen, hardwoods throughout my entire downstairs. And then have a big party!
That's a biggie I know, but I really want this and we have started to consider it. Which is BIG! I will take considering over NO any day.

2. I had this yummy coffee at my friends house yesterday. Oh- my - gosh!
It was yummy. And I was up until 2 am this morning with a fantastic espresso buzz. Well, that part was not too good, but as long as you drink it at a reasonable hour then I would think this would be a cool thing to have!!!

3. I want these. Not because it is cold where I live, but because they are just cuuute! And yes, I did see them on Oprah's Favorite Things show and asked for them for Christmas. No, I did not get them or I would not be telling you how I want them now. I doubt I would ever spend the money on these. Maybe TJ MAXX will get some that were an off color or something.

4. Speaking of Oprah's Favorite things. I also saw this and want one in pink. I heart these. I like it because it seems durable and cool.

5. The perfect hairstyle. I am never happy with my hair. The cut. The color. The texture. I want someone to tell me what the perfect style for me is and just do it for under my entire grocery budget!!!

Okay, so that is the shallow stuff part. Here's the important stuff

1. Clean water for every person in the world. I do believe this can be reality.

2. More time with God every day. This too can be a reality.

3. More of God, less of me in everything I do. Oh, lots of work here.

4. To love my friends and family without judgement and unconditionally - all the time.
Okay, most of the time.

5. A true understanding and application of God's word in my life. In the works!

Okay, so I tag these lovely ladies who have left comments for me recently.

1. Tales From the Carpool Lane
2. Rain
3. This Ain't New York
4. Miscellany Mom
5. Twinkle...

And you, please play along and leave me a comment that you did!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in the meme, it's my first one as a new blogger!

I did a post and tagged some other ladies to play. I really enjoyed reading through your blog, by the way!

dcrmom said...

I'm with you on the hair!! Fun watches.

Sarah said...

Did it. Those Uggs look so cozy.

Miscellany Mom said...

I have used that hair styler before! Thanks for including me... I was online when you posted this and have been trying to write mine for hours. Finally decided on my 10.

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