Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beauty products, Love and Spellcheck

Well, this has been a busy week! I know, who doesn't have busy weeks, right? Seriously, I felt like I have been drowning more than a couple times so far. My husband was traveling and he really never travels. I am so thankful for that because my world seems a bit out of sorts when he is gone.

So, I don't have much to talk about except to lead you to some bloggy friends and to tell you that spell check has been broken on Blogger for about a week. Hello, Blogger - we are blogging, you know- writing. We kinda need spellcheck! Please fix it today. Whew - thanks for letting me vent that.

My friend at Musings for a Housewife and her friend at Bye Bye Pie have a cool new blog dedicated to reviewing beauty products. I LOVE beauty products! My husband has said on more than one occasion how high maintenance I am. I guess using 3 or 4 products on my face before I can even think of heading to bed qualifies for that statement. I am not sure if most beauty products really work, but they do make me feel better! So, I am excited to have Jo-Lynne and June review these products and let us know which ones are worth the money. Chic Critique is the name - reviewing is their game.

Also, I WON something in the Valentines Day Contest over at Jill Savage's blog. She heads up the Hearts for Home ministry. I won a subscription to Marriage Partnership magazine! I am so excited. I love magazines and never win anything, so it was a highlight to my week for sure.

Anyway, check those ladies out, have a lovey dovey Valentines Day. Remember that you are loved by an amazing, grace filled God. He knows your name and he loves every single hair on your head.



Sarah said...

I second the spell check issue! My space bar is sticking and no spell check. It takes forever t owrite anything!

dcrmom said...

Aw, thanks for the link love! We're having a blast over there. I came home from Sephora with another FOUR samples to try. All in a day's work, you know. ;)

BLMOM said...

Okay, still no spell check fixed! What is the deal?

DCRMOM - bummer you have to try out all these products. ;) Try to make the best of it, though.

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