Monday, February 25, 2008

I am keeping them

When I met my hubby over 15 years ago he spoke often of his trip to South Africa. He spoke highly and lovingly of a couple that was one of his host families. This is the couple that has been here with us over the weekend. They are now traveling through the mountains of North Carolina and will be back on Thursday to spend another day with us.

Can I just tell you how precious these folks are? Yes, I can use that word to describe someone because I live in the South and bless their hearts too. Anyway, some might be nervous about having complete strangers come to stay in their home for over a week. Will my kids bug them? What should I feed them? Will I annoy them with all my ramblings? Will we be able to entertain them?

Oh my, they are the easiest, sweetest and most appreciative people ever! I am keeping them. They cannot go back to Canada and I would like to adopt them as a second set of in-laws. They remind me so much of my in-laws actually. They are flexible, open to anything and love food. Just like us!!! All entertaining revolves around food with us. If you come to stay with us, there will be some eating going on and there will be no dieting.

And we have certainly shown them North Carolina through the food. They have now been introduced to fried okra, hoppin' john, seafood chowder, shrimp salad, calabash seafood and plenty of fresh biscuits and cornbread.

We have cooked and enjoyed some good wine, too. We traveled to historic Wilmington, NC for a day of sight seeing and they happily tagged along the whole time without tiring out a bit! My kids were worn out before they were.

They love the children and being grandparents themselves have adapted well to our craziness. They even brought them gifts which is a sure fire way to my kids hearts. AND they listen to my daughter who can talk a blue streak, let me tell ya'.

You know, this is a couple who left all they ever knew behind in South Africa to come and live by their children in Canada. They now deal with weather below 3o degrees Celsius. (Yes, I am getting a quick lesson in the metric system this week.) And they are happy. They are thankful. They move forward and live life. They made lemonade out of lemons. They miss their homeland of course and still have family there, but they just don't spend time wallowing in that. To them, life is unbelievable, food is incredible and God is good.

Someone to emulate for sure.

Happy Monday!

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