Friday, March 21, 2008

Because I can

Okay, moms of boys out there. I need some good ole' mommy advice.

I have this very funny 3, almost 4, year old boy. He has been potty trained for about a year now. He was actually very easy to potty train. Easier than my daughter. He had very few accidents after learning.

This is our issue. He is now purposefully, while awake, peeing on his carpet in his room. First of all, it was on his Pottery Barn rug. I finally removed that and cleaned it because he just continued to pee on it and I didn't want it completely ruined. Although, I fear it actually is.

I thought that would do the trick. I even punished him for it by removing some of his favorite toys from his room.

I thought we were past this stage until one night while tucking him in, my foot landed a little under his bed into something wet. Upon further investigation, I discovered it to be pee and several dried spots as well.

Okay, so it is happening before he goes to bed or just when he wakes up. The bathroom is literally across the hall from his room.

When I ask him why he is doing this, his responses are that of a 3, almost 4, year old.

"Because I didn't want to pee in my bed."

"Because I don't know."

"Well, I did, but I didn't want to."

"Because I can."

Because he can. I think this is the truest of all answers he has given. Well, that and because he is a superhero who just doesn't have time to stop to go to the potty to pee.

So, okay give it to me. Why is my seemingly normal little boy peeing in his room instead of the toilet across the hall?!!???

I am all out of ideas for discipline short of ripping up all the carpet in his room.

Running out of carpet cleaner,


It's Me! said...

I remember another 3-4 yr old boy who took to peeing in his mothers decorative vase in the bathroom. He would also pee on his floor. "Why!" His mother would cry at him. With innocent eyes he would look at her and say "don't know" and away he'd go.
All I have to say is , "this too shall pass."

Janel said...

Oh hello my friend! I knew I could count on you. I remember when this happened to you and thinking it was so funny.

Not so funny!!!!
Thanks for your support. ;)

Sarah said...

Oh my! I have no words of wisdon for you. Thankfully my almsot 4 year old doesn't do this, but if it makes you feel any better, he still insists on pooping in a diaper. (He's been wearing underwear for almost 1.5 years...)

I just keep telling myself, he won't do this forever, I hope. I think the same can be said for your situation!

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