Saturday, March 29, 2008

Casting Crowns, Leeland, John Waller - I'm going!

Okay, I am pretty sure, about 98%, if I can convince my mom to babysit her precious grandchildren and my hubby to go out on a Sunday night that I am going to see Casting Crowns!!!

Excitement causes me to have huge run on sentences as you can see.

My friend has extra tickets and they are way cheaper than I anticipated. So, I think we are going to take advantage of that and go!!!

AAANNND - Leeland is there, too. Another favorite of mine.

AND this Dove best new artist of 2007 guy, which I also quite like, John Waller.

I am so there. Well, as soon as I work out the details.


Mary Ann said...

Okay, so you do know that I picked up Casting Crowns from the airport and drove them to RBC and then hung out in the dinner area with them before the concert a couple years ago right?....I'm just saying---cuz Russ just hates when I bring this up. :)

Praying4Action said...

My reward is in reward is in heaven. Yes, I am still bitter about how that all played out. I was the one...ME...I was the one organizing the volunteers. But...Mary Ann and her van are the ones picking artists up, and I am hauling $500 worth of chicken wings and laundering towels. Thanks for "bringing it up" again, Mary Ann. Sorry, Janel...didn't mean to take over your post with our junk!

Janel said...

Okay, you two. no fighting, now. or if so, take it outside. Thats what I tell my kids anyway. :)

Hello!!! That is COOL!!!!
Is that drummer the most hysterical guy or what? They seem like good guys.

Russ, the food is always important. You gotta have the food.

Mary Ann said... have the gift of "diplomat" that in the bible? HA!

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