Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Computer Woes

Well, I took my computer in yesterday for a little check-up and they told me it is going to take 2 weeks to fix! 2 Weeks!

I said, "Excuse me, but I am a blogger and I cannot be without my computer for 2 days, much less 2 weeks." "And there is a blog party going on which allows me to meet all kinds of friends, well, bloggy friends. So, I need my computer to check out their blogs and respond to all their kind comments." Yes, I did say this with total seriousness because, well, it is serious!

And yes, he did look at me with a blank stare and I swear said under his breath, "So what, you crazy lady." But he really said, "Sorry, that is just the only way it is going to get fixed." Bummer.

So, since the repair warranty is up on April 10 we are getting it fixed. I am checking emails and my blog daily but not nearly as much as I usually do. I REALLY appreciate all of your comments and would love to be spending time looking at each of your blogs, but I don't have a computer handy to do that. I will, though, as soon I am up and running again!

Hmmm. Maybe this is a sign. Remember me talking about stepping away from the computer?

Also, I wanted to link you up to my blog page designer, DCR Design! I feel famous to be posted here.

Did you notice my new little circles in the background?!?!?! So cool.
Thanks again, Jo-Lynne! I love it!

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