Thursday, March 20, 2008

Date Night

This is a conversation between me and my hubby before going out to a party last Saturday night. We are talking to each other on our cell phones. He has the kids with him. I am in my car coming home from shopping.

H: "So, what are you planning for the kids for dinner?"

Me: "Well, don't you remember that we talked earlier about running by Wendy's on the way to my mom's house."

H: "Oh yeah, that sounds good."

More conversation takes place here about my mom and the upcoming party. I am telling him what I got as a gift because it is a 40th birthday party. By the way, why are all my friends turning 40? Weren't we all just turning 21? It is a little surreal.

So back to our conversation about food for our kids...

H: " So, should we just order a pizza for the kids to be delivered to your moms?"

Me: "Mom already ate and I thought we decided on Wendys?"

H: "Oh, yeah."

Me: "You know, I have to run by the store to pick up a bottle of wine to take to the party. Why don't I get some of those kiddie TV dinners they are always asking for and I never let them have?"

H: "Oh, yeah that sounds good."

Me: "Okay, so I will see you at home."

H: "So, do you want to order the pizza or me?"

By now, I am concerned because my children are actually at home with this man who cannot even seem to remember the last 2 minutes of our conversation.

Me: "Honey, repeat back to me what we just decided about dinner for the kids."

H: " Oh, yeah - Wendys."

Okee Dokee. Husband losing his mind or is he just really not listening to me?

Actually, this conversation took place after my husband had worked an insane number of hours for the last 2 weeks. He was exhausted and was humoring me by taking me to a party to begin with. I am sure he really wanted to stay home and watch the Golf Channel. Yes, the Golf Channel.

That man loves him some golf.

Anyway, so this week has been so much better for him. And me. I am just so thankful that he does not travel or is away a lot. It is not like I could not survive, but I think I would be whining about it all the time! Bless you ladies out there that run your households with your partners out of town, away at war or not there at all. You are an inspiration to me for sure.

My mom was a single working mom. I have so much respect for what she did. I know it was not always easy for her. Nor, did I make it easy, but she did it and we are all alive to tell about it!

So, yesterday, we took some time for a belated Valentines date and had couples massages at a local spa. Ahhhh. It was heaven for sure. Then we went to dinner. Alone. Uninterrupted by our 2 lovies. It almost felt like we were two real people! We are always asking each other at the end of a date why we don't go out alone more often.

So, we are going to try to get out more often each month.

How about you? How do you and your hubby have date nights? What kinds of fun things do you do? Keep it clean - this is a family blog. :)

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