Sunday, March 16, 2008

Long time, no post

When I first started this blog several months ago, I posted very randomly. Maybe a couple times a month. Then it was once a week, then a couple times a week. I really don't know how it turned into blogging daily, but it has been an adventure.

Everything in my life becomes blog fodder. As a matter of fact, my family has now started to ask me if an event will be ending up on my blog. My 7 year old daughter has said more than once, "Don't put this on your blog, Mom!"

It has become such a great place to record a little diary of my family, my thoughts and make new friends. Since my computer has been down, I have missed it.

My sweet hubby bought a laptop for his office yesterday and is letting me use it some here at home. Hallelujah!

I have never worked on a laptop, though and it is hard to get used to. The mouse pad thingy really is touchy and the keyboard is smaller. So, I am spending a great deal of time getting used to all of that. But it is nice to be able to check emails and blog in my special evening, kids in bed, time.

My husband had a crazy 2 weeks at work for the last couple weeks and I am so very glad that is over. I did not realize how much he helps me even if it is just running the kids to school or hanging out with them while I run errands. I am so thankful he does not travel with his job.

My dog is having some issues. He had those teeth pulled last week and the little guy must have gotten some kind of nerve damage from the anesthesia or something because is having trouble walking with his little hind legs. They can't seem to figure it out and he seems to be getting a little better, but he is now refusing to climb any stairs. This would seem fine for most dogs except that my dog follows me EVERYWHERE that I go. So, if I forget him when I head upstairs, he barks to remind me to come back down and pick him up. Nice. Well, at least I am getting a little extra workout!!!

I had fun at the Bloggy Party last week even though I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked with my computer down. I did meet several new friends and even won something from Working Momma 247! Isn't that fun? I have won more stuff by blogging than I ever do in the real world. Maybe I am just bloggy lucky.

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Jean said...

My kids are the same way asking if I'm going to blog about them to.
You are bloggy lucky!
Poor puppy I hope he gets better.

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