Thursday, March 27, 2008

Magic Fingers

Tonight as I was putting my daughter to bed, she asked me to rub her back with lotion. So, I did and she loved that. Then she asked if she could do mine. Well, her exact words were, "I insist, mom."

Okay, twist my arm.

Really, I guess I thought it would just be a little light touch on my back with some very cold lotion. I just thought I would be humoring her. You know, let her feel good about taking care of mom.

But, oh my stars! The girl is a born masseuse! I mean really, the kid is talented.

Every night my hubby puts her to bed and I wrestle our little boy to bed.
So, now I have decided that we are going to reverse this little set up.

Because who couldn't use a free massage every night?

Now this is why I had children.


Tasha said...

Too cute and funny!

Kim said...

I volunteer to babysit! You and your husband can take a looong leisurely dinner date. Movie too, if you want.

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