Monday, March 17, 2008

Play along!

I was visiting my friend, Jo-Lynne, over at Musings and reading this Meme. She invited anyone who to play along, but especially if you needed blog fodder. Well, you would think that since I have been away from my computer for so long and not had an outlet to write that I would be full of things to write about. But I am not, so I am going to play along with this. You too!

What I was doing 10 years ago: We had been living in NC for about a year. We had a cute little 2 bedroom apartment. It was a blissful time in our lives. We were married for a year at the time, our new business was humming right along and we, for the first time in both of our young lives, were not completely broke. We were seriously enjoying being married and our new life together.

5 Things on My To Do List today:

Okay, I hate Mondays for this very reason. My "to do" list is huge. It is the entire week and I sometimes get overwhelmed looking over it. I will try to narrow it down to just today, though.

1. Call bookstore to make sure remaining 40 books for ladies small group study are in

2. Freak out if they are not OR my preference - Go pick them up if they are

3. Order a cake for a baby shower

4. Attend a meeting

5. Order a nuggets platter for son's Easter Party

Snacks that I enjoy: I love cashews, chocolate, cheese and crackers, chips with most kinds of dips.

Things I would do If I Were a Billionaire:

I don't know how much I would change my life. I would do things like: Pay off my house, pay off my moms house, add a sun room and redo my kitchen. Go on a great vacation. Buy everyone in my family dependable cars. I don't have any ambitions to change our lifestyle too much.

I would make a lifetime of giving my money to good causes, though. I think with that much money comes great responsibility. So, I would give a boatload to charities, church, sponsor a bunch of Compassion kids. Give a bunch of money to build wells in Central African Republic.

3 Bad Habits


Being Late

Short temper

5 Places I have lived:

England, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina - that's it!

5 jobs I've Had


Sales Manager in a Hotel


Restaurant Asst. Manager

Sales for Saladmaster

Oh, I have had many jobs. I could go on, but it only asks for 5.

So, that's the fun Meme! Tag, you are it! Play along if you would like, but let me know, so I can read all about you!

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Alene said...

Janel - cute Meme! Thanks for stopping by Makeover Monday's. I love your new blog look! Love it. May the Lord bless you this Easter week. In Him, Alene

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