Monday, March 24, 2008

Stop and smell the geraniums - Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My Tackle It Tuesday advice today comes in the form of my favorite cleaner. I love this stuff!

I have been using Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaners since they had only two scents over 4 years ago - Lemon Verbena and Lavender.

Then they came out with Geranium and I swooned over this stuff. It smells sooooo good. I mean, if you are going to tackle some cleaning, you might as well use something that smells this good.

I love the counter cleaner, the window cleaner and the all-purpose cleaner especially. The big refill bottle lasts for, no kidding, 6 or more months. Which is good because it is not the cheapest cleaner in the store. But it is very concentrated so it last longer and you use less than normal cleaners. AND if you go now to many stores, they have a dollar coupon hanging from most of the products.

All natural, no chemicals, plant-derived and did I mention how good is smells??

They also have two new scents - Rhubarb and Baby Blossom scent. They just came out with a new line for pets and also a new scent diffuser! All natural! It might not be natural to get this excited over cleaning products, huh?

But you know what? I like natural cleaning products, but find they don't always work so well and they stink!

But this does not stink. Did I mention how good it smells?

So, I am sharing my love for this, and have not been compensated in any way to do so. I just purchased the dish soap tonight (which after the coupon was $4 and that is about the same price as some other name brand and not so natural dish soap) and it made washing my dishes just a little more enjoyable. Really, it did.

All Natural disposal cleaning tip: Speaking of dishes this reminds me of the sink and the garbage disposal. To clean it, pour a half of box of baking soda in the disposal, and about a cup and a half of white vinegar. Let it fizz up like one of those science project volcanoes. When it stops fizzing, rinse. Your disposal will be all fresh.

For a lot more really great ideas check out Tackle it Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Rick Rack Attack said...

You are my spring cleaning hero! :D

Stop on by anytime. I'll make you a glass of iced tea. Confessions of an Apron Queen:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I did just pick up the Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets and they smell yummy. My green cleaners of choice are the BioKleen line of cleaners. LOVE love LOVE them!! And they work just as well (if not better) than the caustic crap.
Thanks for sharing your love of Mrs. Meyers!

Lesley said...

I love anything lemon. Thanks for the web site link. I'll have to check the product out.

(I tackled kitchencounteritis today, and I feel great!)

Colleen said...

Let's hear it for green cleaners that smell great - yee ha!!! (I used mine for my T.I.T. project!)

Congrats on finishing your project!

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

what a great idea about the disposal. I'll try that!
Thanks and good luck!
Visit my blog!

Karen said...

I will have to check out that website.

Happy TT.

Stefani said...

I completely agree!! I found Mrs Meyers lavender all purpose cleaner a few months ago and have been drooling over it ever since. I use it all the time and still have some left! It lasts forever and smells so good it should be illegal! :)


Karen Erickson said...

I've heard of it but never used it. I think I need to give it a try. I love pretty smelling stuff and if anything can make cleaning better, then I'm all for it!!!

Queen B said...

Yum. I'm gonna check it out!! Thanks!

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