Monday, March 3, 2008

Very random thoughts

Why has nobody come up with a medicine to heal the common head cold? It's not like it hasn't been around for-E-VER. You would think there would have been enough time and research and come up with something by now.

And why is my husband's cold always so much worse than mine? If you have never seen this, you must watch Man Cold. It will make you laugh in that British humor sort of way.

I finally found my cell phone! So sorry for those of you that were calling on it for days. It was in my black coat pocket and I was wearing my denim jacket for the last couple of warmer days. This is yet, another reason why one should not to have too many coats. I really thought it was gone forever and I was getting a cool new iPhone. Then...I found it. This one doesn't even take pictures. Oh, the horror in my life. But really it is so nice when you find something that you have misplaced. You appreciate it so much more.

What possessed my 3 year old son to rip my husband's bible? Or do I even have to ask that question? And exactly how do you punish a child for this? "The pages feel funny mommy." "Yeah, they are bible pages - they feel like that!" I fixed it with some Scotch tape. Scotch tape that I had to do a search and rescue for in my 7 year old's room. What is it with kids and the Scotch tape?????

Easter and St. Patrick's Day are in this same month. How am I to decorate? And what ever am I to do in April? Big sigh. This is a homemaker's nightmare, really.

Oh, the really important stuff in life. It keeps me up at night.


Anonymous said...
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Dawn Ward said...

Janel, Thank you for sharing that post. It gave me a good chuckle.

And I share your decorating dilemma. They're in the same week even! Maybe I should put up my Easter flag with my shamrock door hanger?? :-)


dcrmom said...

Hey, girl. Can you email me? I have a question for ya... :-)

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