Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Whole Vegetable Carrot and Sportacus

This is my son.

The one on the right.

He is pretending to be Sportacus from LazyTown here and is very much into eating healthier these days.

So, who says TV can't be good for your kids?

The resemblance is really uncanny, isn't it?

And Sportacus really is a fit fellow, don't ya think?

So, yesterday morning, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with my hubby upstairs when my son, who was downstairs, called up to ask me if he could have a "whole vegetable carrot?"

Like there is any other kind of carrot, right?
Well, he actually did inform me a couple days ago when he was eating one that a carrot is a vegetable and not a fruit. He feels it is very important these days to not only name foods, but to tell us in which food groups they belong.

I tell him that I will be down in a minute to peel it. Because, it is about 8:00 am and I figure after the waffles he just ate that he can hold off while I finish my conversation with my husband and enjoy my coffee while it is actually lukewarm.

And yes, both of my kids eat carrots in their whole raw form rather than the baby ones. Don't know why, but they say they taste better.

So, I guess he decided he couldn't wait and I hear him getting into the drawer to get the carrot peeler, so I race down to help him out.

Because, you know, I'm a good mom and I don't want him peeling his little fingers right off.

He has the trash can out and is trying to peel the carrot himself.

I take over and he says, "Thanks Mom."

No problem, buddy. Anytime.

"You are doing a great job, Mom. Someday, you are going to grow up to be big just like Daddy!"

Oh a girl can only hope.


Queen B said...

You just never know what is gonna come out of those sweet little mouths...

A Frog In My Soup said...

LOL! This was just too cute!!! There really are a few shows that can have a big impact on these little ones!


Julie said...

I love your design too! Thanks for stopping by mine today. Your little boy is sooooooooo cute!

Mycrazylife said...

Hilarious, just hilarious!

And your right, the resemblance is amazing! He is darling!

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