Saturday, April 26, 2008

Get your music on - the Winner!


Thank you so much for all of your comments!

Who knew a little talk about music would bring the most comments ever in the whole history of Dandelion Dayz!

I enjoyed reading all of your comments and share so many favorites with you.

I wish I could respond to each of you individually, but I have to take care of children and a house and stuff like that. I will try to visit your blogs over the next week or so, though!

Like you, I have a really hard time choosing just one song, or genre for that matter in music. I have more music than I can ever listen to, keep buying new music and can't get rid of any of my CD's. I love classic rock, new age, classical, jazz, blues, christian, country and pop. You won't catch me listening to any hard core music like metal rock or rap. I am deeply affected by music and won't listen to anything that makes me feel icky or hurts my head. I can do crazy things like remember exactly where I was and with who just by a few notes of a song.

Yes, my talents just never cease to amaze.

So, yeah, I could not pick one fave. So, why did I expect you to just pick one? Good question.

I have Three Little Birds by Bob Marley downloaded for my ringtone on my cell phone- that is a huge favorite.

Come Monday by Jimmy Buffet, Train in Vain by the Clash, Ain't No Sunshine, Show my Your Glory by Third Day, Angel by Aerosmith, You are The Sun by Sara Groves (actually I love this entire CD), Ice Cream by Sarah McLaclan(well, almost anything by her), Beautiful Day by U2. That is just the tip of the music iceberg for me really and by this time you are thinking, this is all great and fine and dandy, Janel, but who in the wide wide world of sports is the winner?!?!?!!??

Actually in hind sight, I really should have asked what your new favorite band or song is. That seems like what most of you wanted to talk about. Well, there is always next time.

Oh, yeah I was getting ready to tell you the winner. I get distracted like that - sorry.

So, the winner is Bonita! Her blog is Streams of Living Waters.

Her favorite song: CANON! As in Canon in D? That just happens to be one of the songs from my wedding and yes, I love it too!

Which reminds me of 2 other favorite songs from my wedding. By now, you are just tired of reading my favorite songs, I know. But I just want to get these last two out. Somebody by Depeche Mode was our first dance as hubby and wife and this really groovy couple with just a guitar sang, I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman during the ceremony. It was pretty special.

Thanks again and I hope all 199 of you win somewhere else in the bloggy giveaways!

Oh, and here is how I selected the winner. You know, last week I had a giveaway and just put the numbers in a basket. I had my 7 year old pick the winner. I always wondered about this random integer generator thing I see on big time blogs and here I am using it because there is no way I was putting 199 numbers in a basket. You know taking care of those kids and stuff.

Random Integer Generator

Okay, happy music listening to all of you out there and Bonita, I will email you!

Thanks again,

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