Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gooder than anything

Yeah, it is about the worst possible grammer, but I love that little NC saying - gooder than anything. And let me tell you, it is reserved for only the finest in southern cuisine. The Coffee Caramel Milkshake from Chick-fil-A deserves this and more.

I had to sacrifice myself today just to taste this limited edition milkshake. I might have to give another try tomorrow and maybe just a third later this week. I mean, it is limited edition and only here for 115 more days. Get it while it's here!


Kellie said...

I "might could" go for one of those myself! Unfortunately the closest Chik-fil-A in this town is 45 minutes away! WAHHHH!!

Anyhoo, that looks very yummy. And I enjoyed using my favorite NC saying in this coment!

Happy Monday!

Queen B said...

Their chocolate milkshake is my new most favorite thing ever.

Must try this one!!

Kim said...

Love coffee!
Love caramel!
Love milkshakes!
Am definately going to have to try one of those! Thanks for the tip.

Janel said...

Oh, Kellie, I love that "might could" go for...

Maybe you can make a day trip of going to the Chick-fil-A and some shopping to get this special treat!

B - it definitely has chocolate in it, so I think you will enjoy it.

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