Monday, April 21, 2008

Tracked In

Well, another track out has come and gone. B is back in school today after her 3 week break. I love the year round schedule because it allows her to be home with me and for us to be out of our routine for awhile. Then just about the time everyone is going stir crazy, it's time to go back to school.

It was hard to get up and moving so early this morning, though and as I watched her run to the bus, I got a little choked up. Every track in is like the first day of school and for whatever strange reason, I get melancholy on the first day of school. I guess it is a reminder of how little by little we have to let go of our baby chicks.

Since we went to Disney World during the last track out, we decided to take it easy during this one. It is nice to be able to take vacations when the rest of the world is in school, but I am not sure it is fiscally responsible to take one every nine weeks.

We finally did end up going to the indoor pool at our gym. We went to a children's museum another day and walked around downtown. Farm Days at NC State University another day.

Mostly, we gardened, had playdates and went to a million birthday parties, slept late and just enjoyed each other. The weather has been absolutely beautiful so we were able to spend quite a bit of time outside. Not the most exciting of track outs, but nice indeed.


Kellie said...

We are also on the year round schedule and I really love it...although I wasn't certain I would!

The only hard part is that between now and the end of May there aren't any breaks!

Janel said...

OH, that is cool. I haven't heard anyone else outside of my area say they are on the year round track. I am sad about the lack of summer, but I guess we will live. We do have July off which is cool.

If you ever come back to NC, you can have year round here, too!

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