Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boys boys boys

I just wanted to share some funny things Bubby has said around here recently. Oh and a little story about some ticks in a not so public place.

"Mom, Mom! A Fly!"

"Quick, get your bug killer (this would
be a fly swatter) and smash it! Smash it dead dead dead!"
A little aggressive, don't you think? One dead is enough, I think.

Me: "You are getting so big. Stay little, please."

He says, with the most serious face and voice ever as he takes my face in his little

"Mom, I am going to grow up. And when I grow up, I will grow into a Ninja
Turtle. Okay?"

As I was putting him to bed a couple nights ago - again - with the most serious voice a boy can have:

"Mom, I am a ninja named Yoda. But you can call me Bubby."

I guess moms have special privileges to undercover ninjas.

Last night while getting undressed

"MOM! I have 2 ticks on my penis!!!" (can I say that on a blog?)

Me, "Hubby!!!!!"

I am his mom. I will do what I have to do for my kids when I have to do it, but I was so glad my husband was home to do that little task.

I would have had to call on Jesus big time to help me remove little critters from my son's privates.

Now my mom has called 14 times today to make sure he has no signs of Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I thought that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was from mosquitos, by the way. And who names a disease that anyway? That is the longest name in the world for a disease. Can't we just from here on out call it the Spotted Fever or Rocky Spots or Mountain Fever?

And by the way, I have heard of Lyme Disease and do know that ticks carry it. I didn't just become a mom yesterday, ya know.

Ah, fun times.


The Mom said...

OUCH! Poor little guy!

Kellie said...

Oh Janel!

Having a boy ( who LOVED to run through the woods at our house in NC) we have run into the tick problem many times!

Although never in that particular spot!

But each time, I would either have my husband remove them or go next door to the neighbor who was an RN! Because I would get sick just thinking about it!

Rebecca A.K.A. Mum said...

OUCHY....that doesn't sound nice at all!
I hope he will be OK, and he sounds like a funny little fellow! :)

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