Friday, May 23, 2008

Enough to suck the life right out of me

I am talking about computers here. Drained by my computer woes, I must post about this so I can feel better.

I checked my computer in to be fixed on March 13. I got it back Monday - a little over 2 months to replace a motherboard. (whatever that is) It was still not working properly on Tuesday and I didn't have time on Wednesday to mess with it. So, I finally took it back in yesterday and they fixed a couple little things. I have since spent the entire afternoon yesterday and this morning trying to retrieve information off of my back up discs, loading programs and re-configuring my email account. Yesterday, I had limited Internet connection and was getting errors popping up left and right.

And to add to this frustration, I cannot find any of my favorites on this back up disc that they made or my email address book! I just don't even think I can fathom this information being lost. Hundreds of contacts and favorite websites - lost. I am still holding on to the fact, that I just have not located it, yet, and my hubby will be able to help find it.

So, can I just have an blog hissy fit right here and now! Ugggghhhh! That feels better.

It would be one thing if I understood thing one about computers. But I do not. I am challenged at every single turn. What seems simple to others takes me days to figure out.

When I took my computer in yesterday, the guy asks what is the problem and I tell him using the most technical speak I can muster up. Which is very little and I am sure he senses that.

Of course, when he plugs it in and looks at it, it works just fine and any problems I might have had are just small potatoes to an guy who lives and breathes computers.

I can just hear the smugness oozing. "Oh, this is easy. You just do this and this and there, - it's fixed." "See, it's working just fine."

Me, "Not so easy. It seems easy, but it is not so easy."

My thought process is going a little like this, though...And if I could pick up my computer, I would throw it at you. But since it is now 5 years old and weighs as much as my youngest child, I cannot do that. So, how about I just strangle you with my bare hands?

Instead, I had him check my monitor which was also broken. His very simple statement, "yeah, this is shot, you will need a new one." Conveniently, they had one on sale and he happily helped me pick this out. Without a hint of smugness.

I do likey my new monitor, though. It is way cooler than the actual computer serves.

Another lucky break is that my brother, is a cable guy. Literally he works for my Internet service provider. Family does have it's perks sometimes. If it had not been for me calling him crying I would most likely not be typing this right now. Thanks, bro!

So, thanks for listening. I am hoping we are on the upswing for a bit with the computers. I pray for being on an upswing. I just don't know if I could take it!


HeatherV said...

Just wanted you to know that we had the MOPS moms fill out their evaluations during the meeting (got a ton back versus 4 like last year :) ) and your meeting was a big hit and was one of the favorites :) and someone to have back again. Your were right up there w/ Debbie. Thanks so much and really want you to know that you touched the moms w/ your honesty and advice. I removed coordinator from my signature today. Very sad. Need to rest and then figure out my next role.

Janel said...

Oh thank you, Heather! That is very encouraging to hear.

Oh, what a bittersweet time when you step down from a leadership role.

I can promise you this, though. Any ministry role you take from here on out will be a breeze!

You did an awesome job and were the perfect coordinator this year.

Thank you for making it so easy for me to step down!

Praying4Action said...

Woohoo! I am with you on this. I am pretty confident in the things I know, but that is all balanced out with the complete ignorance and ineptitude of things that are foreign to me...also computers, cars, housecleaning. I had to have some work done on the air conditioning in my car, so I took it to "the guy". So many questions, this guy. Have you tried doing the blah with the blah blah and then jiggle the other blah..blah..blah..blah. He could have been speaking German for all I knew. Look, dude; just fix what you do, and please do not take financial advantage of my obvious ignorance.

Sarah said...

I can't even bring myself to confront and deal with our desk top computer. It takes 5 minutes to get on line. I'd throw it out the window if it didn't have every picture of Sam from birth till November on it...sometimes I wish my husband was a tech guy and not a lawyer. I actually know more than he does about computers, and that's not much.

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