Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Froggy Frog

We have a new pet. I am not sure how long a tree frog actually lives, but every summer we get one in our umbrella outside on our patio. My kids think it is the same one. I am not really sure since they all look the same.

Here is hubby holding him. I see warts appearing now. The frog actually did pee on him. Yuck. I guess I would pee, too if I were the size of a frog and a huge man with huge kids were all staring at me.

And this is his little home. When we put the umbrella up, he is there and he actually stays there almost all the time. Even when we eat. I am a little afraid he might fall into our macaroni salad or BBQ chicken. He hasn't so far, though.
I asked the kids what they wanted to name him.
Froggy Frog.
Original, isn't it?
Our backyard. Our Froggy Frog. Our life.


Kim said...

Ahhh...Froggy is very cute!

The Mom said...

Very cute little pet! ;)

Dawn Ward said...

Froggy frog. I like it!

fortyb4forty said...

Frogs creep me out, and my son is trying to convince me to get him a frog. He even wrote a persuasive paper about it at school that the principal read and now the teacher and principal are ganging up on me. Maybe I should go buy a new umbrella for the patio...

Kellie said...


When my so was 3 or 4, and we lived in TX, we would have these huge frogs that would live all over our house. THe first one he ever caught he named Louie. From that time every frog was a "louie".

They also pee'd like crazy when my son would pick them up, which grossed me out, but he didn't care. Not one bit!

Froggy Frog is very cute! Summertime must be on it's way!

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